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As most of you know last year, SpecialStage.com created the Independent's Rally Cup in an attempt to create a virtual Third Tier system.

Everyone at SpecialStage.com would like to thank you for feeling that the Independent's Cup is an important part of your competitive season. You folks are the reason that we do all of this.

So, with that in mind, it is time for the Staff at SpecialStage to ask the community what is next... For the 2003 season, we are working on a new Championship and I would like to present this to the rally community.

The SpecialStage.com Team Rally Cup

The basis of the this Cup is very simular to the FIA team cup that was dropped at the year.

Basic Rules:

Teams of Three Cars (must retain the same three drivers for entire season.)
Class Point Scoring. (so an open car can score as many points as a production car.)
Works and Independants are equals.
Teams must pre-register with us.
No Entry Fee.. (yeap, I am buying again)
Teams must show some form of Team Work (IE service together, crew dress alike, etc... make it look like you are a team.)
US ProRally Events only
All Three drivers can score at every event.

Right now, we are all purposing this to the rally community to see how much interest people would have in creating the team cup.

Please post Comments and Thoughts with regards to this:

Jeff Burmeister

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Would there be any legal connection between the entrant such as an incorporation or could associated teams like Niday, Kintigh, and Utecht call themselves a team?

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>Would there be any legal connection between the entrant such
>as an incorporation or could associated teams like Niday,
>Kintigh, and Utecht call themselves a team?

A Teams composition would simply be decided by the drivers themselves. No incorporation is needed. We of course would check with all three drivers to verify that they are in agreement to be entered in one team. (no picking someone that isn't in agreement.)

So, when you are sitting around, having a drink after your next event, ask if others are considering joining the Cup.

Of course it would make more sense for a team to select people from other regions and/or other classes so that you could maximize the potential for points.

Three Open class cars is a fun idea, but a team of say a Production, G2, and G5 would have a potential of 30 points (10 points per class win) verses 20 points for a first / second / third in one class (10, 6, 4)

So, some thought should be put into who you would like on your team...

Thanks for the great question. Anyone else?

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Thanks Jeff,

Another great and generous thing you guys are doing for the benefit of so many!

Question: Will you allow historic cars on a team? They cannot officially score ProRally championship points, but can be scored as part of the class in which they would normally fit, like the Smith&Smith MGB in G2, or MM's Peugeot in G5. Edit: Oooops, the Peugeot is a "new" car, can't put it in H class.

It gives the chance for some old cars to sorta kick butt over newer cars.

(Which would give some of us some enjoyment.. :) )

Mark Bowers

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At first I thought this was a good idea and something that I might be able to compete for, but on the other hand, I think you could just keep it in whatever box it comes in and forward it to AV Sport. They are already fielding top cars in Open and GN. Money rules, especially in team competiton.

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Great Question, and thanks! The guys here at SpecialStage.com are always looking to try and help out in any way we can.

Historic cars.

If I am not mistaken, H cars can enter a ProRally event in a given class (as the rules are written today). Given that, yes, what ever position a car finishes in for their given registered class will score those class points.

Here are a few pretend teams that I made up to show how the scoring would look. I am using STPR results for points. Again, I made these up off the top of my head, and they mean nothing, purely demo.

Macaire/McGeough/Perry (Team East)
1st Prod / 1st PGT/ 3rd PGT
10 + 10 + 4 = 24

Hinz/E.Burmeister/Unser (Team Mazda)
1st G5 / 3rd G2 / DNS
10 + 4 + 0 = 14

O'Sullivan/Millen/ (Mitsu)
1st G2 / 5th Open
10 + 2 = 12

Workum/Peepers/Higgins (av sport)
DNF / 8th Group N / 1st Open
0 + 0 + 10 = 10

Nelson/Burke/Drislane (TAD 1)
3rd Open / DNF / DQ
4 + 0 + 0 = 4

Cox/Dunn/Lahm (TAD 2)
0 + 0 + 0 = 0

Choiniere/M Higgins/Bornhop (hyundai)
6th Open / DNF / DNF
1 + 0 + 0 = 1

Lovell/Lagemann/Havir (subaru/prodrive)
2nd Open / DNF / DNS
6 + 0 + 0 = 6

Niday/Kosmeides/Plsek (Team PRB)
DNF / 4th GN / DNS
0 + 3 + 0 = 0

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Well, this all sounds like fun....but most posts over the last year don't seem to be indicating we have a lack of competitors....we have a lack of events. Let's find some way to stroke ORGANIZER'S (now THERE'S an original thought) so there are more places for out independents, teams, little guys, etc. to run?

I would think the sport could be best improved by passing around more kudos to the people who spend months of their lives kissing ass with every bureacrat in the region, bearing up under the Denver/Topeka administrivia, the lack of qualified officials, weather damaging roads, etc., etc.

I know for a fact that John Buffum was in a friend's home in Rumford yesterday soliciting permission to blast by his house.

If each team must perform a major role on a Club Rally Committee in order to qualify for this award, then that would help.

If we should take this to the organizers' forum, I'll be happy to

Kim DeMotte
Official Old Fart, etc.

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I see: Special Scoring for PRB Members

>Niday/Kosmeides/Plsek (Team PRB)
>DNF / 4th GN / DNS
>0 + 3 + 0 = 0

So, if you're on the PRB, your get a "speical" coefficient multiplier, which is zero. Even if you score points, you don't score points! Great concept, Jeff! That's why you're our Idea Man.....
:) :) :) :)

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>Why 3 cars and not 2 like Manuf. points?

Good question Ed

Why am purpossing 3 cars?

1, To help spread out the points if one teammate should not be able to enter or DNFs.

2, To help make the independents in smaller classes more valuable to a team then large expensive teams. IE a team consisting of a production, a g2, and a pgt; against a 3 car open team has a much greater chance of winning when you look at class results.

3, The FIA WRC Manufacturer's points are based on 3 cars.

4, because "3" is the magic number, ohhh yes it is, it's the magic number. Da la Soul.

Besides, a team of three makes for better drinking buddies after an event then two.

Does anyone see a disadvantage with 3 verses 2?

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Kim / Mike

I completely agree with you... But I am not sure what or how I can help... Kudos should (and had better!) be coming from your customers, the racers and team members themselves.

I am not sure what I could do to help in this area. I would love to, if you can think of something that I can do.

The SCCA already has an award for the best Pro and Club event of the year. I would like to do something, but I have not been able to come up with anything yet. Perhaps you could help me find an area in which we can assist.

Jeff Burmeister
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