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Here's my story: could'nt manage to get myslef out there this year. thusly sparing whoever my guest driver would have been the less then glamourous fate of being dnf'd on a mountan top with me like the last 2 ROTW's i've been to, maybe my Rim jinx is broken!

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Reminder: I need your tales of success or woe from Rim for Dusty Times. Plain text is preferred (as opposed to Word or other attachments), sent to the e-address below. Thanks much!

John Dillon John @ WidgetRacing.com

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There was a comical scene at the end of liebre mountain stage.
Sue Robinson was the stage finish captian, I was running the
marshall team at that location and running up and down the
hill between parking lots as the radios did not work over the
hill. A certian Portugese driver came in with the right front
wheel floating about in space, bad ball joint. He parked just
before the time control and stated that the car was not going anywhere. Sue informed him it was in the way. In the mean time
the lower lot was filling up for the second show (100 cars each)
and I needed to put people into the upper lot. The entrance
to the upper lot was right at the end of the control zone.
I came back with a line or cars in tow as Rui's car was being manhandled off the stage, Sue is yelling that a car was coming in.
Major traffic jam, lots of attitude by a certian driver,
and a big helping hand from a spectator in an Eclipse rally
car who loaned this irrate driver the parts needed to move
his car off the stage and down the road. he said will never help
that driver again due to all the attitude. I just laughed and
shrugged. "Well, now you won't have to find out during a race."
The spectator plans on running Jake Dekovics old car this year
in CRS. (sorry I forgot his name)

That's my story and I'm stinking too it.

paul timmerman

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Pete Morris (building "Son of CoROLLa.)Car 352 driven by John West and co-driven by Pete Morris, had a very uneventful Rim. The dust needs to be a lot more tasty to be enjoyed! Did the whole event without the odo and only used the book for the transits. Car is very strong and John will be trying a lot harder now that he knows how his new tyres react. I have never eaten so well on any rally before. John's wife Bev treated us to a feast at every opportunity and son David made sure that the car was up to snuff. The only iffy moment was trying to squeeze passed the upturned 323 #307, which meant putting two wheels off the edge of the mountain. Nothing else worth mentioning. Oh, the last 4 stages were ROUGH!
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