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I just talked with John Forespring, R.E. for SCCA's Northwest Region ClubRally Steward for Northern Pacific Division, and organizer for the Dryad's Quest/Shitepoke (DQ/S) and Wild West rallies.

As you know, the DQ/S rally coming up June 7/8 is currently suspended because of the announcement posted yesterday.

However, if enough people from all across the country contact each of their Area Directors personally and explain to them the importance of rally to the SCCA, it's possible that we can restore rallying to the U.S. under SCCA's banner. You can find your Director's contact information on the SCCA.ORG web site. You should contact the PRB as well. Personally I suggest you also ask your Regional Executives to contact your Area Directors.

This needs to be done quickly, no later than Monday 19 May 2003 in order to give DQ/S a chance to remain on the schedule.

We suggest that you explain to your Director the following points:
[li]They have the power to call an emergency teleconference and vote to continue the ClubRally program
[li]ClubRallies have a strong, positive impact on the individual SCCA regions and the club as a whole, both organizationally and financially.
[li]ClubRallies have a strong, positive financial impact in the communities where they're held. For example, Shelton, Washington will stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if Dryad's Quest/Shitepoke is canceled.
[li]This significant financial impact helps place the SCCA in a positive light with the local community while at the same time increasing awareness of our club organization and its benefits.
[li]Eliminating ClubRallies jeopardizes the relationships between organizers and land owners.
[li]Eliminating ClubRallies leaves the SCCA regions at risk, not only for financial losses due to cancellation fees and other promises, but also for loss of good will within the community. For example, if DQ/S is cancelled, the region may be left several thousand dollars in debt.
[li]Rallying itself is the fastest growing segment in the SCCA. Stopping ClubRallies will abort that growth and even drive the youth of our club away to competing organizations such as NASA, USAC, and others.
[li]Singling out ClubRallies while leaving ProRallies in place makes no sense. There are some who would argue that ProRallies answer to a higher standard of "organizational excellence." However, we must remind them that the workers, the competitors, the rules, and most importantly, the organizers are the same for both ClubRallies and ProRallies. The only significant differentiation between the two is the television package, manufacturer involvement, and increased number of spectators at the "Pro" level.
[li]This places at risk substantial financial support from future SCCA-wide sponsors
[li]At the individual event level, forcing DQ/S to be cancelled puts its sister event, the Wild West Pro Rally, in peril because the SCCA has will have soured its relationships with land owners, local communities, and others as described earlier.
[li]Remind the directors of Steve Johnson's quote from last September: "The SCCA is fully committed to the growth of ClubRally in the U.S."
[li]Remind them of the significant investment the manufacturers have put into our sport. If we cancel our ClubRally programs, we are taking away a big reason they're using our club for marketing.
[li]Question the wisdom of cancelling a series of events based on what is truly just a racing accident.
[li]Remind them that when the Solo II program suffered two fatalities several years ago, that program was not cancelled, nor have any road racing programs been cancelled because of their fatalities.
[li]Instead, stress that rallyists are continually working towards improving the safety of the sport.
[li]Mention that according the NEDiv ClubRally steward, the members of the Irish Motor Club feel strongly that the two fellows who died would want the ClubRally program to continue.
[li]Offer to help them any way you can.
This is OUR club. Together we may be able to make a difference.


[p align=right]John Dillon
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Recommend that the BoD give the PRB the authority to sanction ClubRallies on a case by case bases.

ClubRally Chairman:
be prepared to need another couple dozen workers to control spectators.
be prepared to cancel stages due to spectators
All: Be prepared to be told "no"

Organizers: remeber you can get your own insurance, and it may be available through USAC a slight premium, shop around, who do the desert racers use?

Also: you don't need an SCCA sanction (or any sanction) to run your event, or count it towards a local championship.

Elevate your saftey plan, eliminate spectator risks, find a good insurance policy, run your event.

Be Safe, Have Fun,
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