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I picked up a clean, low mileage 1985 XR4Ti this week with plans to rallycross and ultimately stage rally it. My perverse need for a RWD and uncommon car to drive got the better of me. :rolleyes:

The car currently has Koni Red adjustables and stock springs on it, but I figure something more gravel appropriate will be needed in the not too distant future.

What options are out there for good but not ubber-expensive gravel suspensions for this platform?



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I'm running JVAB rally suspension on my Merkur rally car. It's awesome. At around $2000 and cheaply rebuildable it's really the best rally option out there. If you want to spend some real dollars you might be able to convince him to sell you the Magnesium bodied WRC setup he has that his suspension is designed off of.
www.jvab.f4.ca I think is the website that has his contact info.
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