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A few quick notes.

Day 1 order (Nat)
D. Higgins

Clubrally 1

Sorry I didn't copy all down... heard they would be posted soon.

Havir rolled into ball.

Streets withdrew from Pro after getting stuck, will run Club Sun.

M. Higgins out mechanical on 2nd stage (first after OVR)

Lagemann out.

Choiniere had two flats on stage 2, ran st 3 with only three tires.

Top three each about a minute apart

O'Sullivan said "no brakes" at one point.

I sent George and Tony more news last night which they'll probably post soon.

Gotta go to Parc Expose.... see ya.

John Dillon       John @ WidgetRacing.com

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Here is the info I got from John,
-thanks you john


Not sure if anything posted on SpecialStage, thought
I'd share a few things. Perhaps you can post.

(I was going to call Tony with some info during day,
not much cell service and forgot the number!)

Stage 1, exhibition at ORV park. Rained just before
drivers meeting, turned park into soup, especially for
later cars. Local G2 favorite Todd Hartmann lost his
CV joint, is done.

Stage 2, passed Mark Higgins on the side of the road;
another Hyundai mechanical DNF.

Jardevaal went off or lost a tire somewhere. Big
damage right front, but still in the running.

Choiniere had two flats on stage 2, only one spare,
ran all of stage 3 on three good tires.

Jay Streets got stuck in the woods, but someone
eventually pulled him clear. At end of night he
withdrew from ProRally, will run Club tomorrow.

Three out of four Tabormobiles have mechanical
problems, struts, brakes, etc, but they're working
hard to get them all back together for tomorrow's club
event. Mark Tabor will be running with just three
brakes tomorrow--rock in caliper tore up everything,
no replacement parts.

Rally running pretty much on time.

Lot of geography involved.

Lovell got stuck in 2nd gear just after start of 23
mile stage, took him 31 minutes or so to get through.
Reports are that two or three cars got hung up behind
him. He didn't see them to pull over.

Lageman out. Saw him parked on roadside with a trail
of oil leading to car.

Early morning tomorrow; drivers retrieve cars from
Park Ferme at 7:00 AM, then refuel and report to Park

Lauchlin's crew had the welder going under the rear of
the car, possibly brakes. He hollered "no brakes" to
us as we pulled out of RGC.

Millen had some major work to do on the car, left
service a few minutes late, took some road penalties
but still leads. Top three are about a minute away
from each other.

Weather generally cooperative, not too hot, a few
drips here and there (but we'd like rain).

Partial pro standings, unofficial. (Too tired to type
codriver names; sorry, fellow navvies.) Heard that
Joel is posting full listing soon so I didn't copy
down all the names.

Rhys Millen
Dave Higgins
Paul Choiniere
Tim O'Neil
Carl Jardevaal
Scott Trinder


Gotta get some shuteye, but figured this might be a
start. Feel free to post on SS.

Rally on!


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[link:www.nwr-scca.org/rally/wildwest/02_Sat National.htm|National Scores (approx 500KB)]
[link:www.nwr-scca.org/rally/wildwest/02_Club scores sat.htm|Sou'Wester Scores (approx 500KB)]

Visit the [link:www.nwr-scca.org/rally/wildwest/02_update.htm|Updates] page for the top 10, and future updates. I haven't been posting to SS due to the slow connection that I'm using (cell phone).

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Top ten, after 9 stages
1 16 Higgins, David / Barritt, Daniel 1:39:09
2 3 Millen, Rhys / Cowan, Garry 1:39:17
3 6 Choiniere, Paul / Becker, Jeff 1:41:19
4 39 Jardevall, Carl / Trowbridge, Amity 1:42:48
5 29 O'Neil, Tim / Headland, Martin 1:43:08
6 102 Trinder, Scott / Westwick, Paul 1:43:27
7 45 Mitchell, Shane / Donnelly, Paul 1:43:33
8 22 Kosmides, Ralph / Brandt, Jimmy 1:44:50
9 32 Eklund, Paul / Huhn, Scott 1:45:02
10 374 Styles, Leon / Dillon, John 1:47:12

NOTE: Does not include possible time penalties for speeding

[link:www.nwr-scca.org/rally/wildwest/02_National%20all.htm|National Scores]

[link:www.nwr-scca.org/rally/wildwest/02_Club%20scores%20sun.htm|Simpson Stages ClubRally Scores]

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Stage 11 (and 8):

about 40 cars started. looked like 6-8 dropped out.

D. Higgins got a tow down the mainline from Tim O'Neil, then out the stage by AVSport team mate Peeper to hopefully make it to service. (driveline? engine running but no drive)
Carl Jardevall broke about 8 miles in.
Sharples (crashed?) out about 4 miles in.
Wyeth Gubelman still running after rolling Saturday, duct tape still intact.
Hintz sliding sideways as always.
Kristen Tabor fixed her strut tower in the morning and was still flying :)
Lovell screaming through stages 8 and 11 making up time from Saturdays troubles.
Foster/Perry out on stage 8 from the same mechanical gremlins that sidelined them at ORV :(

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Group 2 news

A little more - Malik retired on 10, lost the clutch about a mile in to the stage, we got off stage and could go no further.

O'Sullivan had an electrical short on 8 (lost 20 minutes or so), he came into the start of 10 very late and scrounging tie wraps and retired for good on 9 with a small engine fire.

Burmeister was the only G2 left running and hit something solid on 11 to damage the rear RH quater panel and damage the strut.

Dave Kean

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After 11 of 13 stages

1 3 Millen, Rhys/Cowan, Garry 1:58:46
2 6 Choiniere, Paul/Becker, Jeff 2:01:30
3 29 O'Neil, Tim/Headland, Martin 2:04:45
4 102 Trinder, Scott/Westwick, Paul 2:05:17
5 45 Mitchell, Shane/Donnelly, Paul 2:05:25
6 22 Kosmides, Ralph/Brandt, Jimmy 2:06:18
7 32 Eklund, Paul/Huhn, Scott 2:06:31
8 1 Lovell, Mark/Turvey, Steve 2:07:18
9 374 Styles, Leon/Dillon, John 2:09:05
10 78 Dunn, Paul J/Bradley, Ben 2:10:24

Higgins, David / Barritt, Daniel (# 16) lost approx. 30 min. on stage 11.

[link:www.nwr-scca.org/rally/wildwest/02_national%20all.htm|National scores]

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Final Results are available.

O/A Class Car # Driver / Codriver
1 1 3 Millen, Rhys / Cowan, Garry 2:19:47
2 2 6 Choiniere, Paul / Becker, Jeff 2:23:34
3 1 29 O'Neil, Tim / Headland, Martin 2:26:41
4 2 45 Mitchell, Shane / Donnelly, Paul 2:28:17
5 3 1 Lovell, Mark / Turvey, Steve 2:28:23
6 3 22 Kosmides, Ralph / Brandt, Jimmy 2:29:28
7 4 32 Eklund, Paul / Huhn, Scott 2:30:09
8 5 102 Trinder, Scott / Westwick, Paul 2:32:45
9 6 374 Styles, Leon / Dillon, John 2:33:00
10 7 78 Dunn, Paul J / Bradley, Ben 2:35:26


[link:www.nwr-scca.org/rally/wildwest/02_Club%20scores%20sun.htm|Simpson Stages ClubRally]
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