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Morgan said:

>- a crackdown on the amount of press credentials given out.
>I see a lot of illegitamate "press" taking photos with
>disposable or point
>and shoot cameras, they are not professionals and end up
>pissing off the marshals so that when the real press arrive
>they get a hard time.

Just FYI - in today's digital age, many so-called "point-and-shoot" digital cameras are capable of taking perfectly adequate web-ready photos.

In my line of work (outdoor mountaineering and camping equiment), we call people who look down on others' tools "gear snobs". Let's not generalize and assume that those without the high end gear are simply opportunistic spectators.

Until rallying in North America starts attracting European-level interest from media and spectators I believe we should not only tolerate, but encourage amateur photogs and media-types. Of course provided everyone obeys the safety rules, etc.

I intend no offense by this post, it's just that I thought your comments were a little harsh.


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