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>What ever happened to the entertaining stories about
>overcoming small disasters...snatching defeat from the jaws
>of victory...close calls...?

There is some interesting "close call" video posted under "Wild West and the Wild Finish"...

I liked Andy Sharples speech at the awards ceremony: "I would like to apologize to the representatives from Simpson Resources (formerly Simpson Timber) for knocking down one of their resources..."

The roads were very good and a good mix of surfaces and speed! I just wish that I didn't weenie out when they got a little wet...

I agree that the transits after the fueling were too tight on time and transits into the regrouping control were too long...

The Sunday awards banquet (sponsored by Subaru Western Region) was fantastic! Prime Rib, salmon, and all sorts of good stuff... They did a nice job with the awards and reasonably timely results.

The finish area was a bit disorganized. It would have been nice to have all the cars with a place to park and a clearer understanding when it was OK to leave and put your car on a trailer (back at the hotel of course...)

Another irk from many of the events including Wild West is an assumption that you: A) have internet access B) will look and reprint supplementals up to about 4 hours before the start of the event... C) then know which schedule etc is the "official" one

I only know of a couple guys with the ability to be downloading revised supps as they tow across the state(s) to an event.

The Friday night "welcome party" is a great idea and I tend to attend them, but noting in fine print, that a "representative from each team should be present" and then having nothing of substance to announce or be worth hanging around for was annoying. No start list, etc. Those who chose to not show up were the smart ones.
I would hope that the purpose of the party would be made clearer next time.

It was nice to see the new, and all SMILING faces of the control workers. They did a great job.

Thanks to the organizers for a good event. Pe
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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