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Leon and I LOVED the event. Everyone was friendly and helpful and we had a good time. The roads were challenging too. We loved seeing the arrows out there, a NW tradition.

Here are some things I'll suggest, but even if nothing changes, we'll do our dangedest to be back next year. It's always great fun racing with our buds up north.

Loosen up the transits slightly, especially the post-fueling transits. Some cars take longer to fuel than others (the Audi is a thirsty beast!)

Tell the FIA to forget about all those hurry up and wait RGC controls.

Depressurize your scoring crew on Saturday night by announcing up front that Saturday's results will be posted provisional Sunday morning at Parc Expose at 8:00 AM. This also helps the codriver cadre by letting them head out for dinner with the team instead of waiting around in the car park. (We've got it rough, eh??!! )

It may be difficult, but try to localize the daily start and end points. Looking back, we registered in Shelton, started Saturday at ORV, finished Saturday at the fairgrounds, started Sunday in Shelton (after returning to the fairgrounds just up the road), and finished Sunday at Little Creek. Fortunately the last three were all pretty close. I feel for the guys staying at race HQ.

Beautiful start ramp -- don't sell it!

Wonderful people -- don't lose 'em!

Great rally, great competition, great fun. Thanks again for all your help.

John Dillon       John @ WidgetRacing.com
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