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It was my first time to Wild West, and I had a great time. The roads were fun. The best part, few repeated stages!! I hate being in the back on the second pass, with the skid plate smoothing the roads! Some thought they were rough, but compared to Rim, they don't seem so bad. :)

My suggestions for next year:

1. For club only, drop the FIA 20 minute service. You need 4-trained crew to get the work done in time, and club teams just don't have the budget to hire people. Our service crewman said he wouldn?t do this again without more help. For club, let them declare their minute at RGC, get their minute for the MTC out, and send them into service. To keep the order right, the club teams may have to come back later and pick up their time card with their check-out minute.

2. Allow more time to fuel then transit.

3. POST SATURDAY PROVISSIONALS AT PARC EXPOSE ON SUNDAY! It will be easier on the workers and on the crews. If fact every two-day rally should do this! The navie, is tired, hasn?t eaten much all day, and wants to eat dinner and get some sleep. :9

4. Post times on a white board at the RGC and MTC areas. With 20 min for service I had no time to find others and compare times. A central location makes it nice to see where we stand.

5. 5. The service area on Saturday has problems. Because we were at the far end it took 2 min to transit, then another 2 min back to MTC out. Thus our service was only 18 min. Move the MTC out to the far end so everybody has the same distance to travel. Thus ATC in on one side, MTC on the opposite side.

Paul Nelson
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