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Hey Rick--

Mom and I were sad to see you standing by the side of your toasty car on stage 2... but here's my opinion:

Ditch the FIA stuff, it sucked. Okay, it only sort of sucked. Didn't like RGCs, didn't like separate fueling areas, didn't like short services!! :) Liked getting the same amount of time in service as the boys did, that was cool.

Seemed like the event flowed smoothly, no serious delays (actually, no delays at all!) that I could see, and we got done at a decent hour for once. :)

Some of the roads seemed extraordinarily rough. Brutal, pounding, excrutiatingly so. And then you get to a smooth part, where the road just flows around the contours of the land, and everything is clicking along so well, it makes up for the rough stuff. Found myself doing Rocky and Bullwinkle (mostly Bullwinkle) whenever Mom said it was going to be rocky. :) Bad imitation! :) Maybe next year, instead of saying "intermittently rough" they should say "intermittently smooth"! :)

I felt I was able to pick up a lot of speed for my skill level and car type, felt really good about 3rd gear cornering, enjoyed seeing all the spectators and camera people and RALLY SKULL!!!! I saw you guys!! :)

Oh, and here's the triumph over adversity part: Dad and the service guys crafted a bright blue Willans bandaid for my front strut for the first two stages of Sunday, so the guys could have more time to get to the junkyard and pick me up a new strut top. :) Made for an interesting stage, as I dove from one side of the road to another trying to miss the holes and big rocks. :) It was smoother, out of the ruts! :)

And the other triumph over adversity: I rendered a front rim completely inoperable, flatting a tire in the process... Only because the edge of the rim was completely bent over! :) We drove 5 miles on it, got to the finish, and there was my brother Matt, waiting for me outside the control! :) He helped me change the flat, as we just had to get to service and he was only 2 minutes ahead of me in line. :)

The End. :) Great event! Too bad the top teams had to be such wankers!

Okay, not all of the top teams. Just certain top teams.
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