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I loved the roads, that said from a team that bent/broke 5 rims out there. The arrows worked very well as they always do here in the NW.

The service control got me, but at least I will understand it next time, we managed to do a lot of work in the 20 mins so I did not see that as too big a deal.

When I went off on stage 2 I could not reach mountain top on the ham radio, I never heard them and am not sure they monitored the radio on that frqz. I had no problem hearing the stage start and stage control for the stage I was on and the next stage but kept off the radio as that is asked in the sups. It would have been nice to let everyone know we were fine just stuck. I was hoping to speed sweep up a bit}> so they could come get us out of the ditch. I think more clarity about what is OK and not OK for us driving cars with a HAM licence might be nice, ie can we call the stage after all the cars have finished but the broken/stuck ones?

On the stage 7 we stoped to change 2 flats. After we got going we got to the end of a very long fast stright to have a large Ford F350 parked across the road not too far off my line. I was not pushing all that hard but still I did not like the idea of hitting the truck if I got wide.

Keeping the rally on time was impressive and the ATC's had plenty of room for all the cars! not once did we need to walk in.

I posted a full story of the rally defeating us at:

I would run it again just like it was.

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