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The organization was (as with all Northwest events) excellent. There can be no criticism leveled against the organizers whatsoever. The event ran on time and smoothly, it's certainly the best organized event I've seen this year. Also after racing in other parts of the country this year I appreciate the arrows on stage more than ever.

I love the roads, they had a bit of everything and were a great challenge, the technical stuff got really busy with the stage notes in a couple of places, I enjoyed it. The sections where the roads flow are just superb and the rough parts were fun (this is rallying, no such thing as too rough). The only road I would like to see change would be the 1000-yard freeway, it's far too long.

I understand why the new twists (RGC/ATCS) were there this year. They keep everyone 2 minutes apart, makes sure everyone has the same service time, and removes the need to push on transits to get more service time. They were a pain but I can live with them as it does even the playing field.

It had the unintended side effect of encouraging speeding in the service area, I was surprised that Subaru and Mitsubishi set up at the other end of the service area and loose a minute or two of an already short service time to get from the "ATCS in" to their service area and back to "ATCS out". What is the betting that we see a radar gun in service and the big boys next to the ATCS next time? Entering and exiting at different ends of the service area would even it out for all.

Possibly consider a soft reseed at one of the service breaks, I got a little annoyed about being kept in the RGC for 21 minutes as faster 4WD cars were moved ahead of the Volvo at the second service on Saturday.

The ATCS out transits were tight when you lost a minute or two waiting for a car to fill up and get out of the way before you could get in (happened to us after second service on Saturday, the transit was really tight).

Other than that great event, fun roads and those new stages near the Saturday service area get better every time.
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