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roads were fantastic... i love the roads out here...
enjoyed the "new" stages as well..
especially the one near Mason Lake..
but you can lose all the hillclimbs!:p
low hp cars like me dont need em :D ;)

lose it... do we really need to run it under FIA/CNAR
was there anyone there who was participating?
seemed a right pain in the arse to hurry up n wait

Start lists/times...
be nice to have start lists for day 2 BEFORE stage 4 of day 2...
:) And yes, save everyone the stress and post provisionals
the next day...

Arrows... banner tape... LOVE EM!
always said we were spoiled rallying here in the nw...

one more thing...
you may want to consider moving the spectator tape
BACK a bit....
see this clip:

Organizers & workers rocked!
thanks to all for attending...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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