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Really cool.
However, I am confused (not difficult :p ) by "the best six out of seven events will be scored" concept when there are 10 events on the calendar. What if someone competes/works at 8 events (or more)?
I only expect to work at 5 so I guess I'm handicapped for #6, no?

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Points scoring

Our series is comprised of all ten events. However, each year the best X out of Y events will score points. For 2003, we're scoring the best 6 out of a designated 7.

The rule book has all the details: http://www.wsrally.org/rules.html

The consensus was that in order to encourage head to head competition we needed to specify which of the ten rallies would score points. We picked 7 (3 north, 3 south, 1 east) to balance the championship as much as possible, while still making the series bigger than a regional championship, yet affordable for club guys. If we said the best 6 out of 10, the head to head factor would be reduced. If we picked a bigger number, say 9 out of 10, the cost to the average guy would be far greater, thus potentially giving the advantage to those who could afford to run every event. We'll be watching closely, of course, to see how things work out in the course of the year. We'll also be listening to our fellow competitors and organizers for their feedback.

Hope this helps clear things up.


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>Did you parents really want a daughter????????:p

My dad told me I was named after a submarine captain killed in WWII. That is all he ever said about it so, I don't know what sub or anything else about it.

I started tagging all my internet correspondence with "Mr." several years back after I started receiving some rather disgusting emails from complete strangers who had wrongly assumed my gender. I haven't had the problem since then.
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