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Just in case you don't visit the other forii (forums?) very often, I thought I'd bring your attention to the WSRC forum. We recently made three new postings:[ul]
[li]Photos from Ramada Express are now posted
[li]Series sponsorship has been secured
[li]2002 "Fantasy Results" have been calculated

You can find these items and many more on the WSRC website as well at http://www.wsrally.org

Rally on!


[p align=right]John Dillon
e-mail: chairman @ wsrally.org
WSRC web: http://www.wsrally.org

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>Just FYI, Wolfgang "de-Microsofted" the Fantasy Results
>pages so everyone should be able to read the standings now.
>Let us know if there's still a problem....
>[p align=right]John Dillon
>chairmain @ wsrally.org

That page looks ok, however the main page has the news overlaping the calendar on my browser and I'm at 1152x864 res.

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