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Evgeny Novikov posted the quickest time during shakedown for the opening round of the new World Rally Championship season in Monte Carlo.

The M-Sport Ford driver posted a time of 2min 13.0secs to edge out the MINI John Cooper Works of Armindo Araujo, with defending champion Sebastien Loeb third fastest through the 3.58km test to the south of Valence.

Although his mandatory four runs through the stage passed without issue, Loeb admitted that the weather in the region was cause of concern ahead of the season opener.

“I am a little apprehensive about this rally, even though I have won it five times before,” he said. “Obviously, it's the weather that complicates matters. We were under the impression that this year's rally would be dry but snow fell before the final day of reconnaissance, which caught everyone by surprise. The work of the early starters will be essential for choosing the right tyres. At Monte-Carlo, there's always a degree of compromise involved in tyre choice and I think that makes the rally pretty exciting!”

Petter Solberg was fourth ahead of his first outing for Ford in the Fiesta WRC, while team-mate Jari-Matti Latvala was sixth; the pair split on the shakedown standings by Citroen's Thierry Neuville.

Mikko Hirvonen was seventh fastest in the second of the factory Citroens, with the Finn agreeing with his team-mate Loeb that the weather was likely to have a major impact on the weekend – especially given there will be no second chances thanks to the fact that Superally isn't being used.

read more: crash.net/wrc monte shakedown

Monte Carlo Rally shakedown times (Top 10):

1. Evgeny Novikov M-Sport Ford WRT Ford Fiesta WRC 2min 13.0secs
2. Armindo Araujo Armindo Araujo MINI John Cooper Works 2min 13.2secs
3. Sebastien Loeb Citroen Total WRT Citroen DS3 WRC 2min 13.5secs
4. Petter Solberg Ford WRT Ford Fiesta WRC 2min 13.6secs
5. Thierry Neuville PH Sport Citroen DS3 WRC 2min 14.0secs
6. Jari-Matti Latvala Ford WRT Ford Fiesta WRC 2min 14.0secs
7. Mikko Hirvonen Citroen Total WRT Citroen DS3 WRC 2min 14.7secs
8. Dani Sordo MINI WRT MINI John Cooper Works 2min 14.9secs
9. Ott Tanak M-Sport Ford WRT Ford Fiesta WRC 2min 15.5secs
10. Sebastien Ogier Volkswagen Motorsport Skoda Fabia S2000 2min 17.0secs

All times unofficial

Listen on: worldrallyradio.com/

also dunno if i can find the stage times as wrc.com seems "defunct" now but hey i guess we'll play it as we see the news


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according to autosport (http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/97063):
Sebastien Loeb posted the fastest time on Tuesday morning's Monte Carlo Rally shakedown stage.

In sunny but cold conditions the Frenchman continued where he left off on this rally four years ago - fastest.

Russian Ford driver Evgeny Novikov was the defending world champion's closest challenger, 1.7 seconds slower than the number one Citroen.

Loeb said: "We had no problems, it's nice that this rally is back. I do have good memories and good results here, but it doesn't make the event any easier for me, it's still a very difficult rally."

Mini driver Dani Sordo put a troubled off-season behind him to go third quickest in his john Cooper Works WRC, just a tenth down on Novikov's Fiesta RS WRC.

Thierry Neuville turned in an exceptional maiden shakedown on his debut with the PH Sport Citroen team, with the Belgian star fourth fastest.

Ford returnee Petter Solberg was fifth, with Mikko Hirvonen - the man he replaced at the British squad - one place further back in sixth. Hirvonen was 3.4 seconds slower than his Citroen team-mate Loeb, but just six tenths behind Solberg.

The event starts Tuesday evening with a ceremonial opening in Valence before heading into the Alps for the first competitive action on Wednesday morning.
tl;dr summary:
1. Loeb
2. Novikov +1.7s
3. Sordo +1.8s
4. Neuville +?
5. P. Solberg +2.8s
6. Hirvonen +3.4s

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^wierd i know even i was like ?!?!?!?


Jari-Matti Latvala has taken a shock Monte Carlo Rally lead after a bold tyre choice for the second stage of the event.

World champion and five-time Monte winner Sebastien Loeb (Citroen) had been quickest as expected on this morning's Le Moulinon to Antraigues opener, albeit by just one second ahead of the flying Dani Sordo's Mini.

SS1 had seen dry asphalt, but the following Burzet to St Martial stage featured patches of snow and ice. Loeb and Ford driver Latvala both opted for a mix of studded and slick tyres, placing one studded tyre at the front and one at the rear, diagonally apart.

While Loeb ran soft tyres, Latvala was on super softs, and despite having never tested the slick/studded combination in this configuration before, he put in an incredible stage time - 52s quicker than Loeb.

That moved Latvala from fourth place, 28s off the lead, to first - with a 30.5s advantage over Loeb.

Petter Solberg is third in the second works Ford, having impressively got through SS2 with no studded tyres at all and still been second-quickest, 28s behind Latvala but 24s faster than Loeb.

After his superb SS1 performance, Sordo clipped a wall and damaged his Mini's suspension on SS2. The Spaniard was still able to nurse his car through the stage and remains fourth overall.

Mikko Hirvonen was third after SS1 but struggled in SS2's tricky conditions as he continues to acclimatise to the Citroen DS3, leaving him fifth.

read more: autosport.com/news/97076

Monte Carl Leading positions after SS2:

Pos Driver Team/Car Time/Gap
1. Jari-Matti Latvala Ford 45m54.4s
2. Sebastien Loeb Citroen + 30.5s
3. Petter Solberg Ford + 40.8s
4. Dani Sordo Mini + 44.1s
5. Mikko Hirvonen Citroen + 1m04.0s
6. Sebastien Ogier VW Skoda + 1m10.9s
7. Evgeny Novikov M-Sport Ford + 1m17.1s
8. Mathieu Arzeno Sainteloc Peugeot + 1m35.7s
9. Francois Delecour M-Sport Ford + 1m49.3s
10. Pierre Campana Mini + 2m11.0s


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SS2 Top 15 times

Burzet - St. Martial
Pos Pilote / Pilot N° Temps / Time Ecart / Diff. Pénalité / Penalty
01 LATVALA Jari-Matti 3 0:21:28:200 --:--:-- --:--:--
02 SOLBERG Petter 4 0:21:56:800 +0:00:28:600 --:--:--
03 OGIER Sébastien 15 0:21:59:500 +0:00:31:300 --:--:-- This is a S2000 Skoda
04 LOEB Sébastien 1 0:22:20:900 +0:00:52:700 --:--:--
05 NOVIKOV Evgeny 6 0:22:24:600 +0:00:56:400 --:--:--
06 ARZENO Mathieu 20 0:22:31:200 +0:01:03:000 --:--:--
07 ABBRING Kevin 17 0:22:31:500 +0:01:03:300 --:--:--
08 SORDO CASTILLO Daniel 37 0:22:33:500 +0:01:05:300 --:--:--
09 HIRVONEN Mikko 2 0:22:39:500 +0:01:11:300 --:--:--
10 ANDERSSON Pergunnar 33 0:22:43:100 +0:01:14:900 --:--:--
11 DELECOUR François 8 0:22:51:200 +0:01:23:000 --:--:--
12 WILSON Matthew 9 0:22:58:600 +0:01:30:400 --:--:--
13 NEUVILLE Thierry 23 0:23:14:400 +0:01:46:200 --:--:--
14 CAMPANA Pierre 52 0:23:21:200 +0:01:53:000 --:--:--
15 MAURIN Julien 38 0:23:23:000 +0:01:54:800 --:--:--

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Latvala and Loeb ran with the left front slick/studs and right rear slick/studs, right front and left rear slick/no-studs.
Solberg and Ogier ran on super sift slicks.
S2000 cars run by top drivers are competitive overall if the there is snow on the stage.

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Monte Carlo Rally leader Jari-Matti Latvala thanked his Ford team-mate Petter Solberg for his input into the Finn's perfect tyre choice for second stage of the opening day.

Latvala took 52.7 seconds out of SS1 leader Sebastien Loeb on the Burzet-St Martial test after deciding to run the softest tyres mixed with studded covers. Instead of a conventional front-rear split, Latvala went with slicks on the right-front and left-rear and studs on the other wheels.

"We had not tested like this," said Latala. "I didn't know what would happen, I was a little bit worried, but Petter had done something like this in Germany [in 2011 with slicks and wets] and he said it would be okay. It was a good decision."

Solberg was ready to mirror the move, but received a call from Ford team principal Malcolm Wilson just before he went into SS2, telling him to run slicks all around. The area of concern was a four-mile stretch of ice around five miles into the stage.

"We had soft slicks all the way around," said Solberg, "and this worked. We had made 18 seconds on Loeb through the first seven kilometres, but when we got to the ice, we had to back off - it was very interesting!"

Read More: autosport.com/news/97078


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Monte SS3 - Le Moulinon - Antraigues

stage times/splits

01 LOEB Sébastien 1 0:23:47:000 --:--:-- --:--:--
02 LATVALA Jari-Matti 3 0:23:47:400 .... +0:00:00:400 --:--:--
03 SOLBERG Petter 4 0:23:48:500 .... +0:00:01:500 --:--:--
04 SORDO CASTILLO Daniel 37 0:23:55:300 ....+0:00:08:300 --:--:--
05 NEUVILLE Thierry 23 0:23:56:900 .... +0:00:09:900 --:--:--
06 HIRVONEN Mikko 2 0:24:13:900 .... +0:00:26:900 --:--:--
07 CAMPANA Pierre 52 0:24:22:500 .... +0:00:35:500 --:--:--
08 NOVIKOV Evgeny 6 0:24:25:600 .... +0:00:38:600 --:--:--
09 OGIER Sébastien 15 0:24:25:600 .... +0:00:38:600 --:--:--
10 TANAK Ott 5 0:24:27:300 .... +0:00:40:300 --:--:--
11 BOUFFIER Bryan 16 0:24:36:400 .... +0:00:49:400 --:--:--
12 PROKOP Martin 21 0:24:36:500 .... +0:00:49:500 --:--:--
13 DELECOUR François 8 0:24:42:700 .... +0:00:55:700 --:--:--
14 ARAUJO Armindo 12 0:24:51:300 .... +0:01:04:300 --:--:--
15 BREEN Craig 32 0:25:02:100 .... +0:01:15:100


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Jari-Matti Latvala crashes out of Monte Carlo Rally lead

Jari-Matti Latvala has rolled out of the Monte Carlo Rally lead on the final stage of the opening day.

The Ford driver was half a minute ahead of title rival Sebastien Loeb's Citroen going into the stage, having jumped from fourth to first with an ideal choice of mixed super soft slicks and snow tyres on the snowy and icy SS2 this morning.

But on the repeat run of the stage this afternoon, Latvala rolled his Ford Fiesta.

Ford sources suggest that the Finn will be unable to rejoin, and as there is no superally on this event, Latvala's weekend is over. Latvala and co-driver Miikka Antilla are reported to be unhurt.

Loeb is now set to move into the rally lead ahead of the second Ford of Petter Solberg.

click: autosport.com/news/97079


Ford technical director Christian Loriaux has confirmed Jari-Matti Latvala has retired from the Monte Carlo Rally.

The Finn went off the road on the fourth stage today, rolling his Fiesta RS WRC out of the lead. The crew are out of the car and uninjured, but after the Automobile Club de Monaco elected not to run the superally regulation, the Ford team leader's rally is run as he cannot get back on the road.

"I don't think there was anything wrong with the car, they have just gone off for some reason," said Loriaux.

"I believe they were just at the beginning of the section of ice on stage four. They would have had diagonal studded tyres on, the same as this morning.

"It's an accident, this is Monte Carlo and these things happen. It's a shame, Jari was driving well.

"They say the car's not so bad, but the car's gone over a stone wall and down a little bit, so I would be surprised if the roll cage isn't dented or something like that. I don't think he pushed too hard, it's a genuine incident."

click: autosport.com/news/97082

Monte SS4 - Burzet - St. Martial

stage times/splits

01 LOEB Sébastien 1 0:20:18:200
02 DELECOUR François 8 0:20:53:600 ..... +0:00:35:400
03 SORDO CASTILLO Daniel 37 0:21:00:500 .....+0:00:42:300
04 SOLBERG Petter 4 0:21:11:600 ..... +0:00:53:400
05 NOVIKOV Evgeny 6 0:21:19:500 ..... +0:01:01:300
06 OGIER Sébastien 15 0:21:20:300 ..... +0:01:02:100
07 TANAK Ott 5 0:21:28:600 ..... +0:01:10:400
08 ANDERSSON Pergunnar 33 0:21:36:400 ..... +0:01:18:200
09 SOLBERG Henning 10 0:21:37:500 ..... +0:01:19:300
10 ABBRING Kevin 17 0:21:46:300 ..... +0:01:28:100
11 HIRVONEN Mikko 2 0:21:47:800 ..... +0:01:29:600
12 PROKOP Martin 21 0:22:03:800 ..... +0:01:45:600
13 ARAUJO Armindo 12 0:22:08:400 ..... +0:01:50:200
14 CAMPANA Pierre 52 0:22:11:900 ..... +0:01:53:700
15 WILSON Matthew 9 0:22:27:000 ..... +0:02:08:800



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Listening to the WRR rerun this morning and I hear them mentioning JML's roll.....

In other news. Ogier is a BOSS.

Oh, and to who ever decided on no super rally.....

Great way to waste a lot of peoples time and resources and screw the fans over.
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