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Meaningless fodder for the rumor mill:

I was looking for a place to have our company holiday party and was at the Bethesda Hyatt. The catering manager had many papers on her desk. As she checked her computer for open days, I glanced down and saw the Inmarsat logo. Hmmm, I thought. Then, at the bottom of the page I see the curvy WRC logo. I was not able to read it because I had to leave to see the ballroom.

A local multinational company does business with Inmarsat and they could be using the Hyatt as a meeting place (although there are better venues inside and closer to company headquarters). It is possible Inmarsat is continually cashing in on their sponsorship and blasts the WRC logo at the bottom of all faxes.

Then again, maybe the year-end party for the WRC was moved to Bethesda? Wait, who is that square-faced fellow with the funny accent popping out of the Metro station...

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