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Anyone else catch the comment on the pre Finnish Rally show regarding, "Finnish ralling is done blind-no pace notes, and that this is one of the reasons the Finns are so fast-they learn to read the road better." Interesting statement coming from a top WRC and previous world champion driver.:7

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Yeah, I picked up on that comment by Marcus Gronholm. Hard to dispute when the Finns are always at the top of the WRC ranks. It can't just be because they are all tall, blond and talk funny. :p

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> Anyone else catch the comment on the pre Finnish Rally
>show regarding, "Finnish ralling is done blind-no pace
>notes, and that this is one of the reasons the Finns are so
>fast-they learn to read the road better." Interesting
>statement coming from a top WRC and previous world champion

Hey Sean, don't you read and retain things, I always said you guys use way to much Brakecleen cause you don't have to pay for it. I think it's finally beginning to soften your brain. Have you woken up recently and been surprised to find a sticky substace resembling cottage cheese and elbow macaroni on your pillow?

It's like this, collectively the wisest minds in North American have all decided that "stage notes" (or whatever the hell they're called) are the hot ticket to fit in with the entire stucture of the rest of the "sport" and the society.
In a consumer capitalist society, the highest good is the buying and selling of things, so the push is to (in my humble opinion, mind you and I should add what the hell do I know about anything in the rest of the world ;) ) use simple minded, and I say stupid "marketing analysis" and stupid "marketability" as the rationalisation for everything including stage note or whatever they're called.
This attitude also pushes the need to commodify everything, and the process is properly known as "commodification".
The series is a commodity, which unfortunately our crack marketeting team has beeen just that close to selling on numerous occasions, but it doesn't seem a commodity that there are any big takers for,

so everyhting else must be commodified: the stickers for the car you pay for; your door space for products which you get no discount for; your number; and now the "stage notes".

Now some people are going to say that those Finns are always drinking and fighting and always have their little knives ready to come out too soon, so they're a bit crazy, so anyway just who cares if one country of 4.1 million people have consistantly produced driver after driver capable of beating everybody else in the world.
Who cares that whatever system they have has given them a little over half half of all World Rally victories on events fot the last 29 years.

And smarties are going to say that those guys use pace notes on the WRC, but I will suggest first that they drive and make their notes themselvers and second that they learned the trade before they went out in the WRC, and they then applied it there.

But this is America, and the solution for everything is to buy it.
Buy an Evo, or a Sub-rat, buy assembly and service, buy your notes and oh, get volunteers to drive your junk to rallies, buy your licence, and buy a co-driver.

We'll show the rest of the world we're the best, just wait.

Heavens forbid we should push the excitement of the doing and the satisfaction of doing things oneselves even if it's a little less than exactly what we see on TV.

John Vanlandingham:+

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I just found the comment interesting. It seems that maybe North American rallying WAS doing things right before the introduction of stage notes. Then you ad in the fact that WRCar's have been dropped from FIA legal national championships and again North American rallying HAS it right. The only thing we lacked was enough events at club level to bring out the best ability of our drivers and the sponsorship to move teams up, which we still lack. Anyhow refering to the WRC statement it would seem the NEW WORLD ORDER was a step back! IMHO

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We are dealing with a problem of those running the show thinking (and I can assure you that they are quite serious too) that building rally in the USA from the top down is the way to bring rally into it's own here. IMHO we will do a far better job of building rally by showing Joe sixpack how he can start with a well used car and go play in the woods; and that yes, Joe sixpack CAN in fact afford it if he watches his pennies like most of us do. We as a club would do well to be better organized about those things (sh*t if you will) political that keep us from so many roads. Everything can be done when the GROUP gets together and lets the politicos know that we vote and contribute to campaigns too. Thoughts? JohnLane

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Right on. This is my first year driving cars and I was very dissappointed that there were so few races. Because we do not have our cage put in yet, all we are doing is going around cones in a freaking field. I would like to be running the car every other weekend. Isn't this how drivers get their seat time and improve their skill? Does this skill of car control benifit people on 'real' roads; especially in Minnesota conditions? I wanted to post- agreeing with your last comment.

-Joe Sixpack

"Drive fast- take chances."
-Ted Weidman
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Right on again!

If more races happen than the over sport grows its talents tremendously (sp?). I just by chance met this this dad of a friend who used to rally out of romania and beyond. He kept talking about how there is no races here in comparison to there. I guess it is so built up there that organizing these events is not as big of a job as it is here. This is no disrespect to organizers.


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I have said it before, I'll say it again. Sucessful sports have a tiered system. In a perfect world, we would all be able to do what we want to do........It aint a perfect world. So a tiered system is what we need to aim for, just as an Olympic athelete goes from local track meets, to state meets, to national meets, to international meets and onto the ultimate goal....the Olympics so too, is what you have to look at. Basically, you have to do your apprenticeship, in the boiler room, then move up a deck, then another and another and one day you'll end up on the bridge!!!!!

The sport will be stronger with a strong base, sending on those who aspire to greater things to the next level and onward and upward. Not all will aspire to greater things, they will find their nitch at a certain level but they are all part of the equation and they have to be looked after at that level. Harmony is important!!!!

But, they will contribute!!!From racing at club level one week, to officiating at the next week, to administrating at the week following etc., etc.. That is, if they have a passion for the sport. If they just want to go play in the forest and not contribute anything more then the sport is destined to stagnate.

Just as athletes in other sports realize, not everyone can be top dog, so too must rallyists realize this, but if you love the sport, have that inbuilt passion then you will pull your finger out and root for the sport.

The sport will have a strong base, tapering off at each level till it has a pyramid look, just like below. Pick your level, or aspire to greater things but if you love the sport you will want to contribute where you can. When you achieve this, the sport will be stronger, you will be happier and there may be less bitching in forums like this.

WRC Teams
Elite drivers running WRS Rounds
Sponsored drivers in international events
A few that want to run national events
Lots and lots of club rallyists, crews and volunteers

This is a formula that has been succesful in other countries, like countries the size of New Jersy. It is even more important here due to the vastness of the country. Put it this way. I live in an area that doesn't have a rally with 500 miles of me. There isn't a part of Europe that doesn't have at least 20 events a year in a similar radius!!!! So, recognise the pitfalls and work around them. Forget the left coast and right coast mentality, work together. Whether it is holding a flag at a club event or lobbying a Congressman for roads.

Get that base, make the noise, work for the sport, support those that aspire for higher things convert your neighbor, your local mechanic, tire dealer or auto electrician. Give a friend a ride, lend him your tapes. The sport will grow and one day, when it has prime time network TV you can sit back in your lazyboy content in the knowledge that you got it there!!!!

It wont happen by next week or next year, this is a huge country with many varying interests, but you hold an advantage!!!! You know you are involved in the best sport in the world, it's just going to take a bit of time convincing the masses!!!

That's my bit for the night, now I'm off to watch the next best thing to rallying.....a game of rugby!!!

Onward and upward!!!!

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