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WRC argentina day two on SPEED!!!!!!

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So 45min into the show I am interupted by 25min of late breaking news about NASCAR. I watched the 25min of dribble about eating hot dogs, drinking beer, and boring left hand turns(which is also the way water in the toilet goes down)commentated by nascar hired comedians(larry, moe, and curley).If SPEED channel would of told us it would be 25min before they would return, I would have had a quickie with my girl(who was also pissed, cause she couldn't see Colin) or I could have taken a Sh*t. Why couldn't they wait 15min? Are they going to break into a NASCAR race and announce the winner of the WRC rally of Argentina,I don't think so!!!! I'm really glad I was at home to watch instead of recording it, otherwise the tape would of went out the window. Even with the repeated (rally) shows a couple days later, SPEED channel is still all about NASCAR. Nascar isn't the only motor racing in the US,figure it out SPEED.

Chris...still mad
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I was and still am P**SED OFF!!! I was recording the show all weekend long. Friday night, it seems that there was NASCAR coverage on instead, and I only got about 20 minutes of WRC. (maybe I set the wrong time on the vcr) Saturday I figure well I will get it at 6pm. Wrong! It didn't come on till 6:30 even though the program guide said 6 and another show started at 7. (still only half hour coverage)
So I set up to tape again Saturday night only to have them break in with late breaking Nascar coverage. (okay fine show who won the race and get back to my WRC) So they show the 20 second clip of the final lap and then go to three hillbillies talking about the race. F that! You don't break into my WRC to show three hillbillies BSing about Nascar. (Nothing like cussing like a mad drunk at 7am sunday morning and wake up the wife) She hears me cussing and runs down to see what is wrong to find out about my WRC coverage. Her comment, well it is a NASCAR channel. Anyway I am still ticked off and need to find a definite replay times so I can either tape or watch them.

Jake Rowlands

And yes I will be emailing a letter to Speedchannel about my disgust with how they handled it.
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