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Okay, I will be honest here.

I was writing a story about how the works teams points are all bunched up and the G2 efforts are tied.

Just before I published the article I decided to actually look at the scca site to verify my story, only to find...


Please view .PDF file

Okay, am I wrong or is the scoring for Works teams all messed up? I even grabbed my shinny new rule book that has not been opened so far this year and read on page 87 Rule 9.3. that "Only manufactures that are members of the ProRally Manufacturers' Council and enter a two car team may earn points...." "...Manufacturer points will be scored as per 9.1.B"

Okay, so can someone explain to me what I am missing here?!?

Mark Lovell, finished in the highest position of Works drivers and therefore should have scored 20 Overall points for Subaru. Instead he scored 12. Basically, David Higgins and Junasz Kulig scored 20 and 15 respectively? Correct?!

Did someone at the SCCA make a mistake or did I miss something? Someone please help me out here.

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If you are referring to the G2 points, they are correct. The 2 car rule only applies to the Overall Manufacturer Championship, of which Mazda is not a part.

There is a seperate man. championship for G2 between Mitsu and Mazda. I got a first and a third, hence 20 and 12 points respectively. Lauchlin got a fourth and a second, hence 10 and 15 points respectively.

Since Mazda can't make it to Oregon, Mitsu will surely pull ahead in the G2 Man. points race. We will be at Rim, though.

You don't earn points for places you don't earn, so since Randy Bailey took first at CT, Lauchlin earned 2nd place points for Mitsubishi at CT and I earned 3rd for Mazda.

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