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So, I moved the rally to a more hospitable time of the year. May 8th. Dalton, New Hampshire.

Worker training day:

Again this year. Sunday, May 2 is the date. If you are interested in getting more involved in rally and learning in a slow paced environment, this training day is for you. It is also a great refresher for those that want to brush up on their skills before this rally and NEFR. Look for more details to come.

Mountain View Grand:

The well known grand resort will be our host this year. They are hosting our awards and after party and workers are always invited. We will have lots more room than we have had in the past (I promise). Buffet tickets will be sold at registration and at the awards dinner. There will be a buffet and cash bar! They are also offering a huge price discount for their rooms, $99.00 a night, just mention the rally for this rate. As always, workers are encouraged to take advantage of this special pricing. We are working closely with our neighbors, this is their off season, we ask that if you are staying over, please use this establishment, they are aware that rooms will be "doubled" up, so don't worry you can split the room 4 ways if necessary. If you are bringing a “mom” with you, they will be hosting a Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday! www.mountainviewgrand.com

Social TSD Rally:

For those hanging around on Sunday, there will be a short Social TSD Rally running mid morning, consisting of about 45 miles. Many of the roads will be the roads the racers used the day before for the rally. It will also include the famous "switch back" section. This rally will be free to everyone that worked the Regional Rally the day before. the reg form can be found at ner.org

We have a medical chief, Nathan Sockalexis nsockalexis at gmail dot com, if you wish to assist with medical, please contact Nate and sign up on the website http://newenglandforestrally.com/regional-rallies/volunteers/volunteer-sign-up-form/

Radio Chief, Chad Smith. Please sign up with HAM coordinator, Chad Smith, at these links: http://n1sdr.info/~chad/ton.html, http://n1sdr.info/~chad//TON_2010/ton_2010

all other workers can contact me at rallykat158 at yahoo dot com and sign up on the website: http://newenglandforestrally.com/regional-rallies/volunteers/volunteer-sign-up-form/
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