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3/14=my 42nd rally anniversary
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On the Rally-America forums I asked if the six ladies occupying driver's seats at the start of Oregon Trail this year was close to a US or North American stage rally record, but no one has scared up an answer yet. Anyone here care to hazard a guess?

In an interesting gender-based aside I found mention of Jamie Thomas in yesterday's Tulsa World newspaper. Automotive journalist Rhonda Wheeler's latest syndicated column, titled "Women with need for speed," covered Hot Rod Magazine's "11 real women of hot rodding," one of which was about our own (now recuperating) "Subie Gal." Wheeler wrote, "Jamie Thomas is 34 and, like (drifter) Mei, drives with the tail of the car hanging out. Thomas, however, is surrounded by trees, gravel, snow, rock walls and sharp drop-offs. Thomas is a rally driver. The only obstacle is travel, which is required at the national level. How do you do that and raise kids?"

Congrats to Jamie for scoring more national exposure for her team and our sport and ...

[h3]Get well soon, darlin!!![/h3]
Halley ...
I wanna be invited to Jake's low water bridge christening ...
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