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Wild Wild West

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My first Olympia rally experience!

Weather was perfect, not too hot and a few showers kept the dust and fire danger down. The ORV park was set up pretty well to handle it, stayed nice and dry watching the Super Special. Only had time to catch SS4, but it was definately worth the drive down from Seattle!

Some highlights for me:

1. Seeing how many people could fit under the shelter in parc expose when the rain started coming down

2. Waking up to find the Rhys Millen team and a whole lot of WRX's parked outside our window at Motel 6

3. The last MR2 taking the "bumpy" route down the end of the Super Special

4. Yelling "NASCAR Sucks" at the Speed Channel crew

5. Tumwater's raging drum'n'bass scene!!

6. Volvo 740 at opposite lock

7. The sweet, sweet sound of tuned rally cars in the forest

Condolences to Matt and Ross, better luck next time guys!

Anyone know when Speed Channel is going to air the footage?

Skye Poier

Team Irrational Racing
Coming soon to a forest near you!
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Wild West (on SPEED)
10/31/02 Thursday Evening @ 11:30 pm
11/02/02 Saturday Afternoon @ 5:30 pm
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