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Entry list is up and running at www.wildwestrally.com

The organizers are beginning firm up their plans and leaking info about stages etc as it is decided. Looks like 65 miles each day (lots of stage miles)including the nice 22 mile long stage. Low chance of having to switch to the "high fire danger" schedule (starting very early in the morning). The cars will be clean when arriving into the MTC's and it won't have to cost you much for the wash. If people choose to also run the Wild West International Rally, they have a chance to win back their entry but are subject to some FIA service restrictions at the end of the day (Parc Ferme). It is scored over both days.

I recommend any drivers from BC, the CRS, or even from Minn area to consider coming. I know tow gas isn't cheap, but this is a lot of GOOD, gravel, forest STAGE roads. Some of the best around and maybe different than what you have run before in So Cal, AZ or sandy Minn. It also runs in an FIA-style format which has its good and bad points.

Here are snippets that I have gathered. Looks like the organizing group is working hard to put on a good, solid rally. I'm sure there are things in the supps to make people wince or even b*tch. Direct any constructive suggestions or comments directly to them. I think the event will be very fun for those who choose to participate.

> Maybe we will get to run at night again this year!

Paul, no mid-night run (or split schedule) this year. The alternate fire-danger schedule is in an appendix in the supps. It fits in as much as possible (every stage once), but must finish by 1pm. So it starts very early and drops re-run stages. Hopefully this more compact schedule will make it easier on all the volunteers, and allow us most of the fun.
{putting on my weather-guesser hat} Today, the fire danger is only ?moderate?, and the forecast is favorable. An ?extreme? danger (cancellation) seems almost impossible now, and a ?high? rating (alternate schedule) appears less than likely. Without a drastic change in our current weather, we?ll almost certainly get to run the full schedule. {removing hat while knocking on wood}

> And maybe we can have the organizers leak a little info here on the cool stages to be run this year and any highlights of the event.

Here are some highlights of the stages. Twenty two miles of Nahwatzel, without the really rough section run at Dryad (although you can always count on some rough stuff here). Nahwatzel spectator area returns to the Mainline Acute. Kuhnle is in the best shape I?ve ever seen it (graded after Dryad). ?Ditch-hook Deckerville? is back. Caution- Steep and rocky hillclimb on Dayton!!! We?ve run it downhill before, but this will be the first time I remember going up. Finally, recent forest activities near Wildcat Pass have altered this stage. For those who loved the narrow ?tunnel? section, I?m sorry but it?s been widened. At least all the hairpins remain! Bottom line, WW has something for everyone: narrow/wide, flat-out/twisty, rough/smooth, exposure/flat, uphill/downhill. You name it, WW has it (over 65 miles of it each day).

> 15.7. There will be a mandatory car wash before the final MTC of each leg. A donation of $5.00 will be needed.

I actually thought that was phrased very nicely. The car wash will be at/near the casino (in the route book before MTC), and proceeds go to a charity (not sure who?s doing it yet). So the wash is MANDATORY, but the fee is a DONATION. The reason for the car wash is for the ?show?.

To provide our new sponsors a benefit for their support, there will be a number of parc exposes (and Subaru car shows) at the casino to bring people in. And we want shiny, clean rally cars for those people to look at. Little Creek Hotel and Casino is shaping up to be an excellent choice for Rally HQ, with ALL activities (other than stages) taking place there. Even though I live 10 minutes away, I already have my room reserved for the weekend.

<<Good discussion on the supps. It was a major revision (thanks to RBK), and I?m sure many astute co-drivers could make some constructive suggestions or might want some clarification. They are tentative until the end of August, so before a final version is published, feel free to post here or call/e-mail an official like John Forespring. In case you don?t have it, his phone number is 360-943-2191.>>

<<Registration and Scrutineering are both conveniently located at the casino, but only scheduled for Friday. The reason is if we need to use the fire schedule, parc expose starts at 6 am, leaving no time for reg/tech Saturday morning. I know this may cause some inconvenience, but please plan on arriving by Friday evening. If you think you might not make it to town before registration closes, PLEASE call Navonne and Lennie to make prior arrangements. I know they really want to help every competitor make it into this event, and I?d bet they?ll work with you if necessary.>>

<<Prizes! The overall WildWest International Rally winner will be awarded a special plaque and a pair of Piloti driving shoes. Also, all WW International Rally finishers will be eligible for another great prize>>

Also, Simpson Stages is the next points paying round of the Western States Rally Championship (after Gorman) www.wsrally.org

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Mr. Ecky

This is Brian
the O.G. Skull Boy
(Streets and Jardevall and Duran and Nispell can vouch for me)
what's up with the press stage?
not out in the woods this time(first time since last Doo ***, worked service for Gabe and Josh V.)( which was the first time in 6 yrs)
even camped out for the Dryad/Shittypokemon TSD
workin service for Streets.
wanna go for a run on press stage with ya
whaddya got for me?

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>Mr. Ecky

Gee Brian, I am typically a driver these days... that means I don't really read the supps until waiting for the driver's meeting... So I don't know what the plan is for a Press Stage. But assuming that there is one, I will definitely plan to give you a ride in my new, yellow '04 STi...

See you in the woods. Pe
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