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It refers to ProRally on the Entry Form page. Must just be an oversight everywhere else. Or maybe they are getting the website ready for next year! :p

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Well, there's only soooo much that fits in the space for a rally plate and since the Wild West is running under FIA rules as round five of the Championship for North American Rallies, we like to think of it as the Wild West International Rally.

But it's also the Wild West ProRally, and day one is the Sou'wester ClubRally, and day two is the Simpson Stages ClubRally, and we have the SCCA insurance and banners, and most of our posters even have some or another SCCA logo on them.

Please don't read too many political statements into the space limitations imposed on our artist, none were intended.

Jim Culp
(and Wild West Web guy)
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