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Wild West service

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So my understanding was this was the second SCCA rally that has used the FIA service rules.

fixed 20 minutes...separte refueling area...parc ferme's...etc.

Umm...as a club rally service crew of 2 people...umm...yah...It sucked. Hard. I wouldn't do it again if I had known how bad it was going to suck. With the normal 30-60 minute services, you can check out a lot of stuff with 2 people and you know if you don't get it this time, you can get it on the next service that is a little longer.

I am curious other's thoughts.

I thought the organizers did a good job in setting up the new system and making sure everything ran smoothly...I just didn't really like the system.

I was curious if anyone knew of an issue of just letting the clubrally only entrants by-pass the "check in" line and go straight into service. Obviously they would need to check out on their minute, but those extra 20 minutes they were just sitting in line twidiling their thumbs sure would have been nice to start working on the car. One positive thing...when you did get to work on the car, it was mostly cold.

I am not trying to complain too much, but it really was a pain and took away from the fun of the rally.

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That's the FIA timing system. It doesn't keep the rally on time. It keeps the rally together.

I remember my first year at Charlevoix with this system. Arrive at service and wait up to 40 minutes before you can enter. What we did to help the time crunch was have a definate checklist in order of importance. Also, while waiting to check in, look over the car and have a plan as to how to fix what areas need it the most.

When we had to swap a control arm we pulled in and instantly went at the damaged suspension. Driver and one crew member fixed the control arm while the 2nd crewperson and co-driver went over the rest of the list.

We decided after that event that if 20 minute services became the norm that more than 2 crew people was mandatory.

Brian "I don't like 20 minute services"
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