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I wish to correct a major error in this story. I was the National Safety Steward at the event. I had to leave on Sunday morning to return to my practice. When I left the event on Sunday morning, the Stewards had acted on Saturday to penalize Lovel and Millen for their unsportsmanlike conduct in the service area. I wrote up the report and the incident. I left my written report with the ProRally Series Manager. I left my cell phone number just in case there were to be a protest. I was not contacted.

If it was posted, stated or in any way told that the witness of fact had retracted their statement, THIS IS A BOLD FACE LIE. I stand by my statement of fact. I can not explain the actions that lead to the reversal. I am appalled and ashamed of this action.

We should never get to the point that any Team interest is above the safety of crews, competitors and spectators. I have spent over twenty years of my life in supporting, developing and working the safey of this sport. I must admit that I have taken this actin both personally and as a poor reflection of my postion as your Safety Steward. I can only apologize for failing to protect the interest of each and every one of you.

If any of you have constructive suggestions of how to correct this type of situation for the future, I urge you to contact the PRB. Make them aware of how you feel and what you want. The guys are hard working and want to give you a sport to proud of. They are not your enemies.

Again, the only reason I am responding to this forum is I want the truth to be known and the truth is I DID NOT RETRACT MY STATEMENT OF FACT.


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"If any of you have constructive suggestions of how to correct this type of situation for the future,"
Sure, this is a good step, but it happens every weekend that, "we'll fix it next time".
The off shore teams have seen it all and are more than one step ahead of everyone on this. The pros set the tone and right now, the tone is: "whatever it takes". Some of us get caught and whipped, others get the penalty (like sno-drift's radar gun) dropped.
Even though the FIA members of the rally voted against the penalty, last time I looked, SCCA gave out the points and "prize money" for the "SCCA Pro-Rally Championship" and should have stuck by it's decision and made two result sheets. One for FIA and one for SCCA.
There must be questioning by the SCCA President and a public explanation, this behavior of circumventing safety rules by back room bargaining is very wrong.
Question for the competitors, where were YOU when the penalties didn't show up on the result sheets? This happened a day prior and was the talk of the paddock, did anyone ask what happened before the results became official?

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I wish I had taken a picture of the posting on the bulletin board so the exact phrase can be recorded. Are those notices saved?

I recall the phrasing of the notice was to the effect the statement of fact was withdrawn. It did not say by whom. There was no 'real' explaination of why the penalty was reversed. Now this smells even worse if you did not withdraw it.

Thanks for your post.

Paul Nelson

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Hi Doc,

Thanks for setting the record straight. Your comments have earned you more than the already great amount of respect most of us have for you. Keep up the great work and maybe, just maybe, this whole situation can be rectified.

David Weiman
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Notice Board Photo

>I wish I had taken a picture of the posting on the bulletin
>board so the exact phrase can be recorded.

I did take a picture with a disposable camera. Unfortunately, the photo didn't come out very well, but you can see it at:


The document in question is the second from the left on the top.

Yes, it's currently a bitmap file, about 450KB in size. I'll try to scan it into JPG tonight, but the photo itself isn't very good.

Besides, we've probably already beaten this topic to death anyway.


(Edit: identified which document)
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