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Here's fresh update of the goins'on

The Rally America regional event will be closer to Shelton running between Deckerville and Cougar Smith Roads. Service will be gravel and central to the route. 3 stages ran 2 times, very short transits. Mileage has been measured but guessing around 40. One day event, registration, tech and awards will all be at the service area. Recce will be in the morning and stages start around 1pm (tentative). There is a very good possibility the last stage or two will be just dark as that is the old time change thing then. This will be the 'easy button' for ralliests !

Another feature of this Wild West is the training of volunteers. We would offer this as a training event where people can learn both what to do in general and explore new positions on the stages. Learn timing, starting,finish postitions...ECrew will try to arrange for some extraction practice (hopefully none of the actual rally cars add to this later) . As a low pressure, compact regional event this will offer the chance for new people to learn without stress and the fear of messing up. You can register to volunteer thru the official website http://www.wildwestrally.org/
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