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Hello Everybody,
I wanted to place this on this forum if you do not mind so that the event competitors/volunteers/spectators will have an idea that this will be happening at the Colorado COG Rally this coming weekend. I have found out that we have several competitors that their families/friends have been devastated by this tradegy. So talking to JB Niday and Jim Gill we felt that this needs to be a cause that we should address and help out by showing that we as a rally community does care.

After the event with all of the donations going to the American Red Cross we are sending a letter along with it that we as a rally community are showing our support and you(Red Cross) have our compassion and understanding to help out as much as we can to our fellow neighbors.

So far we have $2000.00's contributed to the pot and we hope to see more at the event from competitors, volunteers and spectators. If you are not able to come to the event...please feel free to send a check made payable to the American Red Cross and in the memo section to put Hurricane Katrina Victim Fund and send it to me and I will send it with all of the other checks and donations to the American Red Cross with the letter that JB Niday is writing...

My Address is:
Denise McMahon
11751 216th Street
Lakewood, Ca. 90715

So here is a heads up for everyone to come and give what you can to the Hurricane Victims....thank you so much.

This will be in the competitors packet with car stickers......

American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Victim Pledge Drive

The Widget Rally Team consisting of Lauchlin O?Sullivan, John Dillon and Denise McMahon (team manager), with the support of Rally America and Jim Gill, chairperson of the Colorado COG Rally would like to challenge all Colorado COG Rally teams to pledge $2.00 or more per stage finished on both days of the rally. The Widget Rally team with funding from Rally America has printed 2 stickers per rally car if you would like to show your support during this event. These stickers will be available at no charge at registration. The donation container and team sign-up form for the pledge drive will be at registration on Thursday. If you registered on Thursday or Friday and forgot to get in on the pledge drive; you can see Denise McMahon at Parc Expose or at the service area (car#90). She will also be at the Sunday evening award party if you just want to donate and for teams that signed up to drop off their pledge drive checks.

Widget Rally team encourages VOLUNTEERS AND SPECTATORS to contribute as well.

Denise McMahon will get the final tally of how much we received and will announce the total at the Awards Party.

Denise will send all monies to the American Red Cross with a letter telling them how we raised this money to help families, children or individuals to rebuild their lives and rebuild those affected areas. Thank you for donating to ease this tragedy.

Do note: Make the checks payable to the American Red Cross and in the memo section of your check write ? Hurricane Katrina Victims Fund.
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