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>outside of the corner on a wet road?
>some people just need some common sense.

In the US, the lawmakers decided "common sense" meant that professionals should have "common sense" and make it impossible for the general public to be hurt by "reasonably foreseeable" happenings.

Theoretically, it would be possible for a group of citizens to push their state to eliminate any legal responsibility for injury done to spectators at motorsports events.

The problem then would be that you'd have to control access in a way that forces spectators to acknowledge they are engaging in some high risk activity.

The Skiing industry has done this. It would be interesting to see what the lawyer types on here think of trying to get something legislated.

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>Over there you get hit...You shouldn't have been standing
>there...Over here you get hit...You get sued. What a

The problem is much more basic, and has to do with the difference between a common law system, as in the US, and a code system, as in most of Europe. VERY briefly (and one of my learned brethren will probably beat me up for this) in a code state, if there's no statute that says you can sue for being hit by a car in a motorsports event, then you can't.

I think your chances of getting something through a legislature that would limit morotsports liability is somewhere between slim and none...and might well be unconstitutional. Check the progress of any tort reform bill in your state...

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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