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To the rally community,

The relationship with USAC for both Cherokee Trails and Ramada Express provides both events with the support every organizer needs from a sanctioning body plus a professional business spirit that will nurture a more professional sport. A sport that gives a driver, co-driver, team managers, mechanics, stewards, clerks and support staff a way to grow and if they so desire a stepping stone to the next level of our sport.

The Business plan:
Both Ramada Express and Cherokee Trails have secured liability insurance equal to the SCCA policy from the same company that covers NASCAR and for less money.
We have also secured from USAC medical coverage for our workers and competitors that is better than the SCCA policy.
We can know develop sponsors without interference, developing revenue sources that allows us to provide better services and value.
We also have the ability to use some of the professional services of USAC not available from the SCCA.
USAC will be providing an FIA/USAC License for $250.00 with no additional membership fees plus we can offer temporary licenses for $25.00.
In short we lowered our operating cost and will be able to provide better insurance coverage plus giving our customers better services.

We are not developing a competing championship just providing the next higher level of the sport.

Cherokee will be conducted to the FIA Sporting Codes for Rallies that are part of a FIA Championship.
We have a 3-year sanction agreement with the United States Auto Club.
Cherokee has received preliminary approval from the USDA Forest Service for a 2-day 180-mile event.
All spectator areas will be on private land.
Spectators will be controlled and a fee charged. I think the spectators will get a good value for the money.
We will offer national classes for the non-CNAR competitors.
We are working on an event schedule for those non-CNAR competitors that are more generous for service schedules and event length. We may even break up the event into multiply heats for the non-CNAR competitors.
Our business plan for Cherokee have always been to be offer the most user friendly event in North America and give the most miles for the entry fee while providing one of the best after event parties.
I must admit this year was not our best, but it was hard to make our plans work when we had no support or communications from our sanctioning body.

The SCCA needs to get it's house in order.
The country needs a strong national championship catering to its costumers.
The PRB has done a good job but the BOD and the PRB should demand better from the Performance Rally Department before the market place removes any need for improvement.
The FIA regulations provide a good basis for event operations but if you look at our own SCCA Road Racing organizational chart you would see how events should be operated.
But I will say that all rallies should be organized to at least to some of the FIA safety requirements as outlined in Appendix H of the Sporting Code.
If safety of the spectators, competitors and workers is not taken seriously than you can count on the legal system doing it for use.

The ClubRally program is alive and well thank you.
The National Championship is in disarray.
Dr. Russell and I are not leaving the SCCA or our stewardship of the ClubRally program in the SeDiv.
There are plans set for new club rallies in the south sanctioned by the SCCA.

The US must have viable club-grass roots program, a strong national championship, and FIA regional championship opportunities if we are to have a healthy and successful sport.

The time is now.

John K. Shirley
SCCA SeDiv co-ClubRally Steward
Executive Board Member to the CNAR Working Group
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