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RE: Why was Tim Winker a Seed 3?

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs still roamed the Yoo-Pee, I was a Seed 3 driver. How could this happen to a guy with a rather stock propelled Datsun 510?

In those days you were seeded based on finishing positions. In my first rally, the Lac Vieux Desert Divisional of 1979, I finished 5th ... out of 5 finishers. Anyone who finished in the Top 5 on a Divisional was placed in Seed 3.

It came back to haunt me later that year when I was seeded ahead of several much faster cars ... and faster drivers ... at the Press On Regardless. I hit a small tree on the first stage when I moved over to let the rapid Dodge Colt behind me get past.

Ask Bruce Weinman about how the damaged light bar was repaired.

- TW
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