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Why Did Admin Change My Password???

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Just got an e-mail from specialstage telling me that an admin changed my password and included the new password in an e-mail that could be seen by anyone. Went to SS where I have remained logged in for quite awhile and I had been logged out. Used the convoluted password and got in but, what the hell is going on. Don't appreciate a site that assigns a password and deletes a password I am extremely happy with????

Don't like this new owner of SS!!!!!!
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Has to do with the VBulletin stuff, and autoguide decided to reset everyone's passwords.
Thanks Matt, Did see that announcement after I posted but, I got the e-mail before anything was posted. Seems to me the proper way to do this would be to post and send out a mass mailing to all the members before the e-mail requiring a password change. When changing the password seems like their requirements are much more stringent than any other password requirements I have seen.

Yes, have a password manager but, I pity those who don't as the password requirements are becoming more and more stringent and with the multitude of passwords we all have, no way any normal human can remember all of their passwords!!!!! And requiring 10 characters and all of the other requirements, no way to have an easily rememberable password.

Thanks again Matt and hope you have a new car in the build cycle.
Hi, Dave - I think 'they' decided to change everybody's old passwords. I received a similar email, and had to meet new, more stringent requirements when I created my new password, just now. Anders has started a discussion of the new SS passwords on Facebook. Press On, Randy
I got the same thing, but when I tried to reset the stupid, long password, it wouldn't take it- if this happens again, I may just stop using the site.
Hey there,

We have posted to the sites letting users know how to go about changing their passwords. There are a few things that may have happened:
1) the email address wasn’t the current one you use
2) the email is getting blocked by spam or ending up in your junk folder.

If you have not received the password reset email, go to the site and use the password reset tool in the log in window. If this still is not working for you, please go to the contact us page at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and select the “other” field and insert the subject “password reset issue” .

sorry for the trouble. we are sorting out all the issues as they come in. thanks all!

It would be interesting to see how much the traffic has dropped off since the forced password change.
I'm more pissed off that I received no notification from the other automotive sites that were actually breached.

Without the forced password change here, I would never have thought to check into what was going on. The identity monitoring service I signed up for after the OMB hack flagged my username/email from the automotive website breaches, so accounts and passwords were definitely being sold. Not in a rush back to VWVortex now thank you very much...
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