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We figured we would share with all rally people how this came to pass.
The forest service had issued a rare 5 year land use permit to a prior event on the same date.
This event is a marathon type foot race in the woods,using a bunch of our same stage roads, and the surrounding area.
A principle organizer of the event called them a few weeks ago to remind them of the date and ...OOPS.... we can't do two events on the same roads, the same day.
This event is very laid back,even the local Chamber was not aware of the event.

We were not able to find another date this year due to existing events by NASA and (RA), Rally America,which we try to not have close events for the goods of entrants. Plus, the local area has some events that use up the other possible weekends this year. Baldwin very much wants a rally in their community.
The outcome of this is the forest service has stated we will have a permit IN HAND by the first of October for 2006.
So this is good.

Also the "MFR" Manistee Forest Rally will be Sept 10,2005, out of Cadillac, so please run, work, atend, this event. The web site to be up in 7 to 10 days watch or it.
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