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Who is best contact @ R-A for new car cert?

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Hey All! It's been forever since I've poked around the boards and community. Nice to be back.

R-A site is down right now for me, and my driver is asking me to follow up on whatever needs to be done to freshly log book his new Evo 6.5 in Open Class. We've got the FIA registration from it's use in Poland - but unless I miss my guess we've got inspections and paperwork to deal with.

Target event is LSPR so my window of opportunity is astonishingly small. Neither me, nor my driver have competed since the departure of SCCA so we both have (I presume) licensing issues to deal with as well. I have been reluctant to take this sub-project on until I saw the car with my own eyes; now that criteria is satisfied so I hope the community can offer advice.

This doesn't need to be a big long forum thread. I'm just wondering if someone in the know concerning the proper contacts can give me a head's-up. If someone is willing please e-mail [email protected]

I hope to see everyone out at LSPR this year.

Rob Dupree
Co-Driving for Rek
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[email protected]

For log books, your old SCCA technical inspector can probably do it, otherwise Mike Hurst can probably point you in the right direction or make arrangements to do a log book.

try this link for asking more ?s as well....

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