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I have heard his name mentioned as the new "rally" representative at drifting events. Ive seen pictures of his ryhs millen racing evo 7 (his old rally car?) doing wild 4 wheel drifts at club4ag.com. the american drifting scene will be more profitable for him, there's also less tree's to crash into. only cones.

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PS. his advert might be at the top of this page. click on downloads at his page to see him in action at a drift event.

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Interesting, I was poking around a couple months ago trying to see if there was any $$ to be made in the drifting world that could go towards my rally effort. From the few drifting events I looked at the prize money was almost as bad as SCCA rally - maybe cover the cost of tires, if you win. I'd guess being in California would help though. And if it helps you sell cars or performance parts like the Millens it might work out. Thanks for the info.


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I saw Rhys in the hotel Friday night visiting with some Mitsu people, just kinda hanging out...never saw any more of him, though. Would have been an even more interesting event had he entered.

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>>So why wasn't he picked up as a factory driver?...
>Because he couldn't write a large enough check?

Oi! more cynical ex-North-Westerners,
tsk tsk!!

But are you suggesting that all the top 20 full time aren't all full time highly paid pros?

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>... But are you suggesting that all the top 20 full time aren't
>all full time highly paid pros?

In a word? Youbetcha. I suspect that even in the rally community there are some misconceptions about the economic realities involved in the upper echelons of "professional" motorsports. But you knew that...

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