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I'm signed up and excited about co-driving my first stage rally at the Sandblast, but have a little detail to iron out yet - how to connect to my driver's intercom? My driver has a Stilo WRC-DES intercom (http://stilo-usa.com/intercoms/wrc-des-intercom) and Stilo helmet to connect to it. I have a road racing full face helmet with no integrated com's. For road racing I've been using a hands free radio headset with a 'kenwood' style connector that looks like this:
for pit com's.

Is there an adapter to go from one to the other, OR, if I need to just buy a Stilo compatible headset, where would I find such a thing? This possibly being needed for just this one event, is there a compatible full face headset I can borrow, rent, or steal from someone on this forum?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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