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When does RallyL resurface? Hi, Randy Zimmer checking in.

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I retired form most everything a while back but still am interested in how the sport is progressing/regressing.
I'm very glad this suppository of wisdom did not vanish.
We had some good discussions when I was active 2001-2011.
10 years in the wilderness of FB bullshit.
Seems like 30.
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Bummer you got out of the game. But I think you're right when you talk about the regression of the sport to some level. I took a decade off to do all the school and family things, now I'm trying my best to get back out there.

and FB is shit. some decent people, but no archive of information.
Randy who?
Randy who?
I think he drove a subaru or something... maybe with only 3 lug nuts? ;)
I miss the days when forums were over FB. It has no persistence and you can't really research and learn. I find myself always going to the old forums to get real information.
Hence the reason I do my best to keep the garbage to as little as I can. I miss when this place was a hip happening place, but it's hard to compete with FB, even if it's an inferior product.
Welcome back. Sold my last car in 2017, and only help out at events these days. At that there is hardly any information or images available online.....in searchable and an organized fashion. Even to volunteer at events, the official event website is minimal and there is little to no correspondence and banter there. So in some respects, it is like the old days, when we sent a $150 check to the organizers to enter a rally, showed up to check the entry list, partied with other competitors the night before then headed out to the forest the next morning.

I am all in if there was more good discussion on forums or even a RallyL again. I am not on the face F thing, so I am sure I am missing a lot of 1. information, 2. commerce, 3. Total BS.

I do miss the discussions and opinions (respectfully) there was on SS, and have been waiting for it to come back around. Interestingly, there has been a few posts on this thread from some guys I haven't seen on here recently, and MORE than usual in the past many years. Can this be sustained?
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Apparently not sustainable. Can't believe everyone abandoned this for Fascist Book, and can keep track of all the subjects there. A lot of trouble it seems, but hey, everybody is gone.
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