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>What the hell is he doing ????
>Matt Manspeaker

Oh, this one's easy ... That's John Lane looking for the SOB who took his driving suit!

Halley ...
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- or was that ProRally #86 a teal/blue Evo? ;-)
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When I get home, I'll post a link to the short MPG that I shot of it when DC launched a bottle of Dr Pepper into the lift gate of his truck.

Also, a picture of what was left of the bottle......yowza

Think of it as a 21st century 'sledge-o-matic' with long-distance capability.

What is JL doing with that leaf blower and the pretty girl in the skirt ???

Matt Manspeaker
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That's a really bad Ah-nuld impersonation there...

Nice rendition of the Spud Cannon, there...I do believe I see a few automontive parts there...what's your propellant, compressed air? What sort of range ya get outta that beast?

Had a guy here in town who used a compressed air version to launch an old wadded-up sock with a string on it...get the string over the tree, drag a heavier string up, then a rope, then the wire...spud cannons are great for putting wire antenna arrays up in a 100+foot tall tree...'course, later on they're cool for scaring the bejeebers out of a crow in the cornfield a hundred or so yards away...
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