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I have 20+ Alfas, 2 XRatties, 1 Lancia, 2 MGs, few Caddies, a TBird, a Rover, a Peugeot and a few more I forgot.

Any body interrested ????}> }> }> }> }>



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Here's a list recently compiled for another board.

The current ?collection? at my place.

'52 Jeep (Dad?s toy)
'59 VW Beetle convertible (wife?s summer car)
'74 Datsun 260Z 2+2 (All most finished, For Sale)
'80 Chevy pickup (dump/lumber store runner)
'84 Olds Delta88 (sons old car)
'86 Plymouth Caravel (sons current car)
'87 Subaru GL Wagon 4WD AT3 (my trusty back up commuter)
'87 Subaru RX 3-Door (my current driver)
'90 Ford 1-Ton Van conversion (Dad?s van)
'97 Chevy Suburban (Wife?s daily)
18? flatbed trailer

'57 VW Beetle sunroof
'65 Pontiac Catalina (my first car? it shall live again)
'69 VW Dune Buggy (currently in the shop, should be done soon)
'70 Triumph Spitfire

Parts and Stuff
'63 VW baja (parts car)
'63 VW Beetle sunroof (parts car)
'68 VW Beetle (parts)
'70 VW Van (engine/tranny donor for Buggy)
'89 Buick century (bad engine)
'90 Ford Tempo (bad engine)
21? travel trailer

That?s 22 with out counting all the snowmobiles, lawn tractors or go-cart. And none of them are on blocks in the front yard.


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>I have 20+ Alfas, 2 XRatties, 1 Lancia, 2 MGs, few Caddies,
>a TBird, a Rover, a Peugeot and a few more I forgot.
>Any body interrested ????}> }> }> }> }>

20+ Alfas? Really? Do tell...

(Alfetta GT in my garage, waiting...)

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Well, I don't have a backyard at the moment, so I'll list all the cars at the Tabor Compound (aka Tabor World Headquarters). Some of these live in the shop.

First, my cars:

Now, the rest:
59 AH Bugeye Sprite
64 Saab 96 (2 stroke)
67 Saab 96 (2 stroke)
another 67 Saab 96 (2 stroke)
72 Dodge Dart
3 Nissan Sentra SE-Rs (two rally cars, one road car)
92 Suzuki Sidekick
95? Geo Metro rally car
03 Subaru WRX wagon
92 Ford F-250 Diesel tow rig
91 Ford diesel box truck (Big S Truck)
86 Toyota Corolla rally car
at least 3 323 GTXs (some in rally trim)
95 Dodge Neon (sans tranny)
16 foot box trailer
18 foot flatbed trailer

That might be it. Hrm...I must be missing something...

Anyone have a Rover V8 they want to give me for one of my MGBs? :)

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You might try talking to one of the shops that does Land Dog work. I've talked to at least one mechanic (Mike, formerly associated with Team O'Neil) who used to work at one of the east coast Landy shops....he told me taking the smaller Rover V8 and putting the most current larger version in is a fairly common swap among the Defender/Dog crowd. The smaller engines are pitched (not sold, but pitched).

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;-) Sheesh, and I thought I was bad...

...with the following (if the make isn't ID'd, it's a SAAB):

'96 Ticket-Me-Red Aero
'01 Dodge Darnango 'TOWECAR'
'79 99 ITB/road racer
'78 99 Turbos x2
'73 99 ex-Davis & -DeMotte rally car, a.k.a. 'Karen Anne'
'66 Porsche 912

(do boats count? if so, add three more pcs)

(edit to add a make; a Durango isn't a SAAB)

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RE: Sheesh, and I thought I was bad...

How much for the 3-wheeler behind the Milano?? Based on the prices for most of those basket case vehicles - that's likely to be the only one I could afford.

I bought a 944 in running condition for less than any of the asking prices for that junk. But if you must know there are only two cars in my back yard. A 1975 Dodge Colt rally car (with some significant history) and a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX (with a significant future).
The other toys that are not in the back yard actually get used on a varing basis:
1976 Dodge Colt autocross racer
1985.5 Porsche 944 (daily driver from spring - fall)
1991 Eagle Talon (210,000 miles, (one more) winter/RoadRally car)
1990 Eagle Talon PGT rally car
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee (kid hauler/grocery getter/weekend tow vehicle)

Team Harco Motorsports
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Jon, you are holding out on us...

(aka Tabor World Headquarters).
>First, my cars:
>71 MGB GT
>70 MGB GT
>Now, the rest:
>70 MGB GT
>59 AH Bugeye Sprite
>64 Saab 96 (2 stroke)
>67 Saab 96 (2 stroke)
>another 67 Saab 96 (2 stroke)
>That might be it. Hrm...I must be missing something...

I think there was a black wrex when I last visited...

>Anyone have a Rover V8 they want to give me for one of my
>MGBs? :)

OK I saw the SAAB collection and most of the others but the MG and AH group escaped notice... very stealthy.
Forget the Rover-V8 unless you are just going for resto...
Ask me about the "Cobra with roll-up windows" next time we get together.
At the time it was a marriage of T-boned Hertz 350 Mustang and telephone pole pickle-forked MGB roadster. 302hp with 4-spd was 50 pounds lighter than the 4 cylinder, closer to 50/50. Fiberglass hood with low profile L-88 Corvette style bubble for the carb. I retained the MGB diff, with Ford u-joint on front/MG on rear... broke two Ford joints over time, not one MG!
Not exactly a sleeper because of the header ping even through two big turbo mufflers. Four-bolt Mustang rims all around with the biggest 14-inch radial available at the time, and it all fit under the wheel well.
One of the car mags did a feature on this conversion (not mine) following a television show in the late '60's loosely based on a Simon Templar/James Bond character.
It was a sweet little car, that ran Thunderbird in 1971. (One of my dumber decisions)

not just all subies all the time ;-)
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