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frankly it is a combination of things tthe most important thing is that he or she must be a winner. Look at mitsu and subaru they both have one US driver (lauchlin, Ramana) and one Euro now. Both americans brough a lot to the table besides sheer ability, one thing that is very important is money either cash or personal sponsorship. Now that is not to say that either US driver is paying for their rides I have no idea and I am not trying to speculate here iether I am just using motorsports as a whole even in the WRC Sainz brought telefonica to citroen and there are several other drivers that will bring considerable sponsorship to the table that helps them land drives. Of course the obvious is talent and marketability but I think that with as little marketing and prestige of the US series that is a bit second to budget and outright speed since I do not see many hospitality tents set up at pro rallys. I think that both teams are doing a great job employing Americans with scheible (spelling??) then ramana at subaru, choinere at hyundai (last year), and lauchlin at mitsu. Americans need to step up their game if they want competitive drives and that kind of effort costs $$$$.
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