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Hello everyone at SpecialStage,

I just became a new member of this website today, I'm a huge fan of all things Motorsport, however Rallying is the only racing discipline that truly embraces man, machine, and nature, in a way no other kind of racing can compete with. I've always known about rally since I was a kid, but did not get really invested in it until the release of DiRT 2 on PS3. Granted, it stretches the imagination a little bit unlike the hardcore simulations of DiRT Rally and RBR, but nonetheless, I have been hooked on rallying ever since.

Given the current situation in Formula One where it constantly decides to shoot itself in the foot with appalling decision-making year after year, from my experience I can see that rallying is one of those few disciplines "untouched" or one of the least affected in the way of business or political reasons. It is ragged racing pure and simple.


I would like to ask all you rally folk if a different system were to be used to calculate the winner of a rally. Please don't be too harsh, I don't have as much experience in the rally biz as most of you, just putting out an idea.

Instead of the current system of determining a winner whereby the cumulative stage times are added, what if the WRC awarded a points system after each stage with the tally added and the winner being the driver with the most points (and best overall average of results across all stages of the rally). Now I know with any change comes its doubts, but here are a few of the pros and cons I thought of:

-We will see every driver duke it out and hold it all on line for each and every stage to accumulate points on their rivals (not to say that they don't push all the time, but there are some drivers who would "hold back" a little to secure a podium finish or a win. This would ensure full commitment at every moment of the rally, with exciting chases to line for most, if not all stages)

-A true definitive winner of the rally (there have been "unsung heroes" in the past who have moved up many spots on the leaderboard on the final day of a rally, say 8th to 5th, but all that they would be rewarded for their efforts would be a few meager points)

-We would be able to distinguish the various strengths and weaknesses of the drivers and see which types of stages they excel on and which others they struggle to cope, a factor which could bring a driver to be "out of their element/comfort zone" to achieve a good result

-A minor alteration of the "Spirit of the Rally": the fact being that you only have one chance in a rally, that when you crash, your event is basically done (however under this system drivers would be able to get a second chance, although the mistake would still be punished by them only able to repair the car at the next available service park). This would still allow drivers to prove their worth where a good portion of the time drivers who crashed were probably the fastest on their respective stage anyway.

-The end of the "fight for the championship": not so much, I think. All the points for the stages in the individual rallies would be added up with the others in a sort of "Super Special Stage Championship"-granted, there is always a possibility of a runaway championship, however with the varying degrees of the type of stages within a rally should provide uncertainty until the end, maybe even a little tinkering with the calendar could provide even more surprises, ensuring the final 3 events are all held on different surfaces (how about 4? Another snow event in Siberia or a snowy location like Nepal or Alaska? I think it would be awesome!)

-But it's still all down to the car!: Perhaps, but I think under this sort of system, and the cars being relatively close anyways if we have the 2016 WRC season to go by, there will be greater pressure on the drivers themselves to achieve the results that they need, and we can (hopefully) see which of the drivers rank among the elite and which of them just don't have what it takes.

Phew! Thanks to all of those that are still reading this, perhaps you can also see the opportunity that this presents. Like I said, I don't know the -ins and -outs of rallying like the most dedicated fans on this website, which is why I want to take the opportunity to ask you if this sort of system was ever questioned before or if it has even seen real use in another rally championship outside the WRC. As for the points system, it could really be anything from a simple 10, 9, 8, 7....to 1 to a system where a stage win is massively rewarded. I think the best compromise would be a mixture of both, keep the overall spread of the points short to keep the close nature of the championship, but reward the faster drivers as they deserve, maybe something like this??

1st-18 pts
2nd-14 pts
3rd-11 pts
4th-9 pts
5th-7 pts
7th-4 pts
8th-3 pts
9th-2 pts
10th-1 pt

Please feel free to discuss your opinions or question my sanity! :D
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