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>It was my understanding that the team avoided bamby and went
>off and wacked the radiator. But I was kinda out of it all
>event. (sick, ear infection) I might have misunderstood

I think what I said was, "We had an accident while attempting to avoid wildlife, and ended up damaging the car, forcing our retirement."

- Christian

Bjorn Christian Edstrom

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Been going to STPR for 23 years. Have hardly ever seen much wildlife, only once at 3 AM on the way back from Ole Bull to Germania did we see a herd of deer. This year we scared off 3 seperate deer on the odo check (7 PM ish Friday night), came across 1 deer on a transit, came across 1 racoon on the transit close to Germania, and had 1 squirrel run out in front of me on stage (luckily for him he turned back and lived }> ).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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