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My understanding (I've never personally entered a car) is that the numbers are provided by SCCA, so the font is not an issue on cars using the visual identification package (required of all ProRally entries and all ClubRally entries in ProRally events).

For ClubRally cars not using the visual identification package, the only requirement is so:

> D. If the official SCCA ClubRally visual identification package
> door panels or numbers are not used,the numbers must have a
> background which extends at least two inches beyond the numbers
> and lettering,that is of a uniform contrasting color. Car
> numbers must be a minimum of eight inches high,with a one and
> one-fourth-inch stroke. Both the car numbers and class
> identification must be of uniform color and in contrast to the
> background.

Doesn't say anything about font.

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Well... Its quickly getting off topic but its more correct tosay that the graphics package is made available by SCCA. I believe you are entitled to one set of VIP decals per year, any more and you have to buy them.

Though I think the digits are included with the backer.

If I get my hands on one of the type style books our marketing department has, I'll look it up.


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I remember the very first set was included with the license whether pro or club. Since, we have had to pay for them. The set is still worth the money, IMO. It makes the car look nice.

CARS has gone to a specified number backer as well. They still give out car number based on start order but the package looks real nice as well.

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