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Is the primary roadblock to an alternate organization the insurance coverage ??

I am curious because I have heard 'let's find something else' a few times before and I am wondering what the major obstacles are to doing just that.

I asked the little woman last nite (she is in the insurance business) what would be involved and told her that I would get back to her with more info on what the SCCA provides so that she can see what alternatives may exist.

Let me make this clear.....I don't want the job. However, I will be happy to pass along whatever I find out to any interested party.

Please pass on what you know on this.


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Self serving PR dreck.

Derek Bottles and I were wondering this very thing and in just a few minutes of clickin' and clackin' on the keyboard, foud an online quote for arout 2½ Million Buckskis for say a laser light show at night in LA (with the presumption inhereant in that, eg all the wierdo, druggies, drunks, and pervs which seem to constitute such a large portion of the population down there)

2.5 Million coverage...... $635.00

The two point five mill was a figure I think Derek got from the SCCA website. He's way faster at clinkin and clackin than I am.

It does provide the availability of the Sticker package.WOOOOOoooooooooooooo. A real value. (teee hee)

It seems SCCA provides mostly bluster, obfuscation, half truths, and
an increasingly incompetent administration of the rules, as all threee of the DIS-qualifications amply demonstrate.

Can we DQ the SCCA?

John Vanlandingham

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We've been tossing this topic around on the MN rally list. If I remember correctly, insurance for OFPR this year is something like $7k (please correct me if wrong). Rates doubled this year, due largley in part to some recent club rally tragedies I'm told.

At first this number seemed like a lot, but if you think about it, it's not too bad. All it would take is for me to miss a braking point or break a tie rod at a crowded spectator area, and the SCCA would rack up one hell of a lot more than $7k in claims. My insurance doesn't cover what I do in the rally car, and neither does most competitors. I couldn't risk racing if the SCCA didn't have coverage. Face it, it's a dangerous sport, for all involved. If you wanna play, sooner or later you gotta pay.

Dennis Martin
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word from the convention was insurance for a Pro event in 2003 was going to be approx $14,000. It is SUBSTANTIALLY less to insure a club event of the same mileage. That number is a few months old now, but that is the last word I got...

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Besides insurance (which is lower than it would otherwise be because we get lumped in with Solo and Race) we get an organizational framework. This framework comes from SCCA members, not SCCA staff. But SCCA staff coordinates this via the RFO's and the Rally rule books. But again, we, the members, help write all this.

SCCA staff or rather the national organization provides a licensing base which in turn appeases insurance wonks. The theory is licensing equals training which equals more safety which means lower claims which means lower rates.

SCCA provides a framework for recruiting workers. If you work their race, they will help with your rally. You do help with races and solo don't you? But this is SCCA locally, not the national staff or national organization. This is your local club.

Yes performance rallies can be run with a stand alone organization. Just ask Ray Hocker and company. It has been tried in the past with promoters running the organization in an attempt to make money. Remeber NARA, NARRA and the more recent attempt within SCCA by John Buffum.

Now if the debate is about whether or not SCCA as a national organization should try any type of professional racing whether it is rally or Pro Solo or TransAm, then you have a completely different argument. If you mean, can SCCA put on rallies, then the answer is yes. It is the absolutely worst organization to do so however. It is just better than anything else.

Richard Miller

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>word from the convention was insurance for a Pro event in
>2003 was going to be approx $14,000. It is SUBSTANTIALLY
>less to insure a club event of the same mileage. That number
>is a few months old now, but that is the last word I got...

You could be right, Bill, but that's not what I remember from the Convention. The best INDEPENDENT QUOTE for rally event insurance (which, BTW, is $5M in liability) was about $14,000. Pro event insurance will probably go up next year, as will ClubRally...but EVERYBODY'S insurance is rising, and we're unlikely to be an exception.

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