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Rally, my drug of choice.
1983 Mazdaru BR-7
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Finished my BRZ 6 speed swap, 6 speeds are rad!!
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In the process I lost my transmission speedo cable which ran the speed sensor. So I built an arduino based speed sensor simulator that gives some varying square wave input to the ECU to keep it happy in terms of keeping the CEL off. Fortunately it's an older ECU, so it really doesn't need much, but I'm running some code that gets triggered by the neutral switch in the transmission.

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No underhood pics but replaced all coolant hoses and a bunch of crusty old vacuum hoses today on the 2.3 focus today.

Got a P0172 code("Bank 1 System too Rich") code the other day. LTFT's are still off after vacuum hoses replaced.
Smoke test shows ...looks like my plastic intake manifold is cracked.
I had to replace the one on my other 2.3 zx3 "recce" car last year due to being cracked.
Knew I should have just put a new one on in this car too when I was putting this boneyard engine in recently... but no...I didn't.

Intake is on backorder from Ford.
Oh well...

It's not like it isn't already the slowest rally build on the planet anyway-so no rush! Crusty old rallyx pic of the car at HDT rallyx in Ridgecrest attached for posterity...
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I have a 2005 WRX that I am currently chasing a boost surge issue with hunting peak boost problem. Sometimes it鈥檚 fine and sometimes it鈥檒l fluctuate with over boost then surge. But other than that building an exhaust for the car.
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