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What did you do to your Rally Car (or Rallycross Car) today?

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Share what you did to your Rally Car (or Rallycross Car) with the community!
Pictures encouraged!

Example: I put it up on jack stands and power washed the 50 pounds of concrete mud off.
Example: Finally got my rally intercom wired.
Example: Installed a straight pipe and it sounds amazing!

Anything goes....
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I found the front Bilstein Struts for the Purple Plymouth!
Look for a video on these soon - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeaV7V57m1rnxG2JTBM3taQ
The rears are going to Doug at Streetwise Motorsports today to be fabricated up!

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I drove my car to work. Trivial, perhaps, but considering it hasn't moved under it's own power since 2014-I'll call it a start.
Drive your rally car to work day is always a special day - congrats! 🤩
Plan for this weekend is to start getting the fire system installed in preparation for Rally Colorado. Also troubleshooting the air conditioning in the tow vehicle. It will be a hot tow through Vegas without AC. Glad I discovered that it wasn't working now.
I like how it says "For Competition Use Only".
I mean - I only recreationally fight car fires? 🤔😛
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Well that doesn't look like a rally car. But it is a parts car to a rally car. I disassembled it a little bit more today.
Any GC8 on jack stands says "rally car" to me. 😁
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Leaky transmission out 🙁 - and back in 🤩.


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