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Just for fun-

Sorry, my eyes glaze over sometimes while reading "what's wrong?" posts. Something friv-i-lous

this is like the "you can invite four people, dead or alive, to dinner....

List three rally cars you'd like to have in the garage right now (fantasy garage inc.) money's no object. be as detailed as you want.

Bonus: What car is responsible for reaaaly getting you hyped-up on stagerally?


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Lancia Stratos
BDA Escort
Michelle Mouton's swb Quattro

bonus - the Stratos, sitting under the marquis at the Marquette Holiday Inn at the 1974 POR.

press on,

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Since we're being covetous, I'll even name the owners/drivers:

1. Walt Kammer's Renault Alpine A110

2. Mark Higgins' NME Nissan Almera GTi F2

3. Carlos Sainz' Toyota Corolla WRC

Bonus answer:

I was 10 or 11 yrs old, spectating at Tall Pines (Dad driving me around in his MGB with the top down in Nov...), I was looking under the hood of Randy Black's 510, he came up and told me that the engine had to be destroyed or sent back to Japan at the end of the season - or something to that effect (or was that the Toyota?) Anyway, at ten years old I was already pretty enthused, but when I heard him start the gravel pit stage across from the Chev dealer in Bancroft - the sound of that engine - siren's call. Big time.


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Stratos (of course)
VW A3 Kit Car
VW Polo Super 1600

Bonus: I remember seeing those 1/18 scale Italian models of the Stratos in Safari type livery as a kid (but never got one :(.) That, and unidentified vehicles on Austrian TV in the 70s (too young to tell the difference). But boy did they look cool!


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Let's see????

1. Peugeot 205 T16
2. Ford RS Cosworth Escort
3. Audi Sport Quattro (Group B)

Bonus: Datsun 510 (no question about it)

Bill Westrick
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& CFR Chief of Controls

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1. Metro 6R4, so ugly you have to love it.
2. Lancia Stratos or 037
3. Petter's Subaru from Rally GB.

Bonus. Juha's Toyota Celica, I saw my first rally footage on ESPN and I vividly remember seeing Juha do a quarter roll in a left. The spectators put him back on the wheels and he continued. I don't remember anything else about it other than it was cool.

Mark Utecht

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Datsun 510
SAAB 99 Turbo
Triumph TR8


Sanro Marnio(sp) on the Tour DeLuc stage at Criterrium 1978. Crest hill to 90right (apex at the bottom of the very short hill) with drop off of about 10' on ofht ouside and rockface wall on the inside.
Second time through to fast over the crest overshoots the corner but as the car is spinning backwards toward the dropoff he has it in gear and is nailing the throttle to accelerate down the straight.

from the right seat
dave mulder

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Porsche 911
Porsche 911
Porsche 911
Porsche 911
Porsche 911
Porsche 911
Porsche 911
Porsche 911

Fiat? no
Triumph? no
Stratos? maybe
Ford? no

But did I mention Porsche? I like them.

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Lancia 037
Full GpA Cossie or Delta Integrale

Bonus: reading 'The Long Drive' about the 1977 London-Sydney rally (probably the only rally book in my local library). Also the rally lights on my driving instuctors' Nissan 200SX.


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Well these questions are always kinda funny cause I think the question is too broad, so I wonder what cars THAT YOU COULD OWN and DRIVE is much different that what car makes you drool.
My favorites are:
[http://jvab.ffwd.us/clean maine.jpg]

and oh come on who couldn't love:

And I think I'll go search for a good piccie of the thrird most favorite
Ford Sierra Cosworth 2wd

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

Black Rocket Rally Tires

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1. Petters Subaru (well he's done with it - right?)
2. Lancia Stratos
3. David Higgins Mitsubishi Evo (again - he dosen't need it?)
4. my 91 Talon (since it is already in the garage)

As far as getting me started - I guess it was Tom McGeer blastin up a hill in Northern Alberta - or the ride I got in John and Clark Paynter's WRX.:)

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>Well these questions are always kinda funny cause I think
>the question is too broad, so I wonder what cars THAT YOU
>COULD OWN and DRIVE is much different that what car makes
>you drool.

Some people own the cars that make them drool.

The Porsche 911 made me drool. Then I owned a 911; it
still made me drool. Then I sold my 911; it still makes
me drool.

I have driven faster cars, better handling cars, much
more expensive cars, but for me nothing beats an early
70's 911.

It is just a matter of opinion. Some people love their
99's. Don't take offense, but I think they are junk.
Some people think 911's are junk, but that doesn't
change my love for them.

Some people actually own their dream cars. Some might
cost $1,000. Some might cost $1,000,000.

The question was: "List three rally cars you'd like
to have in the garage right now.."

My answer is Porsche 911 (three of them).

As the saying goes... "whatever blows your skirt up".

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We are thinking along similar lines, as my three choices are:

1) Mini Cooper S (with Makinen, the real one, driving).

2) SAAB 96 V4 (with Stig driving).

3) Ford Escort BDA (with Ari driving).

It was the Shell 4000 that got me interested in rallying.

Doug Woods

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Easy questions for all us young folks.

Audi GT in Group B dress
The new Ford Focus WRC
Late Group A Escort

and believe it or not but two things made me take the leap. The 2000 Subaru impreza 2.5RS on the dealer lots and those VW new beetle commercials. And maybe a little bit of the audi commercial with the female quattro driver. OK everything I have ever seen on TV that eatures rally cars or cars going fast on dirt especially the Dukes of Hazzard. Yes, the perfect rally car is the General Lee!!!!}>
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