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While I haven't seen any official announcements on http://www.scca.org/news/tech/prorally/index.html, I read in the December minutes Christian Edstrom's name listed as attending the PRB meeting. I assume from those minutes that he's now a member of the PRB.

In my experience I've always found Christian to be a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable competitor (on the codriver's side, so you know he's the brains of the operation!) I'm glad to hear he's on board the team.

Welcome, Christian!


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Hi John,

I think you're too generous with your praise, but it is true that I am the newest member of the Performance Rally Board.

I've already had the pleasure of seeing a great number of the regional stewards, organizers, and other rallyists at convention, and I've had the opportunity to solicit member comment for proposed 2004 rules as well, so I'm off to a running start.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch about any matters at all; my email is in my profile here on SpecialStage.

And thanks again for the kind words, John.

- Christian

Bjorn Christian Edstrom
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