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We all know that the learning curve for making and running notes is very steep, especially running on the world stage. Most guys at that level run a couple devlopment seasons just to get used to the events and get their notes sorted!

I can understand about the, "catch 22," you're referring to. You can't drive with much reserve or you're just driving to finish, and not driving to win. That's the same delimma we all face with when we start a stage. That right foot can get very heavy! ;-)

Remember that this is a learning season(again). Although it'd be nice to set quick times and show your potential, it'll be more worthwhile for next season if you get the fnishes in so you can experience the entire event and develop the notes..

All of us here at Last Ditch Racing are rooting for you, and hope to see you some time this season! :)

Cheers! John
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